First Class Signing Services or NO CLASS Signing services?

A job was posted for $40.00 as a Pace signing. I have done a lot of different signings but I have never seen a pace signing before so I questioned by reply what a Pace signing was. The job was sent out again as a “Single Doc Signing” for $40.00. I accepted. Join me down this rabbit hole if you will.

The job was resent out as a “single doc signing”. This was the pace explanation, I was guessing. I accepted the assignment for $40.00, a single doc signing. I received a text message from First Class saying thanks for your availability for a small signing with scans. My thanks followed. I get a notification that the docs are posted. 5 downloads??? For a 1 page doc?? It is 48 pages in total!! I text the person back. Hey, I can NOT do a 48 pg. signing printing 96 pages for $40.00. That is the same size as a Seller’s Pack, please increase to $95.00. Crickets…So, I called. I spoke with a nice woman who was very understanding, saw the description and DECEPTION and stated she did not know how many pages it was because that is how title sent it over but agreed it was truly more than a 1 page doc. We settled on $75.00 for the 48 page (times 2 ) fax back. Acceptable.

I print the docs and text the customer that I would contact them in the morning because it was well after 10 p.m. so I didn’t call.
Signing Day- On my way back to scan in my 1st job from a different company, I get a message that Gabby representing Pace Signing and Low-Class signing, my mistake, First Class Signings has reduced my fee to $50.00 because it is a “translated package that doesn’t require your stamp”. Well, well, Gabby, to whom I responded:
“It is a very deceptive practice, bait and switch, to send the job out as a 1-page signing them send 48 pages to be copied 2 times at 96 pages, with fax backs. $75.00 was negotiated and I accepted and printed the 96 pages. All I ask for is honesty and transparency. I was promised $75.00 not $50.00 which was changed this morning.” Crickets…So I called and was transferred to Julia. A VERY ARGUMENTATIVE, CONDESCENDING person who told me to prove the text said it was a single doc or 1 page signing. She insisted I send her the screenshot of the message. But, was reading me ALL of the messages that were sent to and from me to them. Note, not one time did Julia read where it said 1 document signing but told me nothing could be changed once it is in the system after I told her it must have been changed. She Kept saying “send me the screenshot” over and over again. Question, who screenshots each job request? Answer- I do when it is a company that is questionable or I have had some weird dealing with in the past and this describes them. So, I DO HAVE THE SCREENSHOT OF THE JOB SAYING “1 DOCUMENT SIGNING”! I have all of the supporting documentation from Snapdocs, $40.00 increased to $75.00 decreased to $50.00, and all of the text messages. I am trying to figure out how to upload it here. This convo was long and useless. Talking to her was like being in a loop of bad dreams. Julia stated that Gabby knows this new company inside and out and they can’t even afford to pay $50.00 to a Notary yet Gabby reduced my fee to $50.00. Julia’s ignorance is not blissful she just wanted to fight loud and wrong. I was removed from the job without as much as a text notification, rightly so because at this point, all I wanted was a print fee. But, check out the disregard for my time and supplies.

Notary Beware! This was not my 1st off-putting experience with Low Class but it is hopefully my last (awaiting my print fee). Companies who don’t value your time, supplies, and position stay clear away from! Their motto is oh, just get another Notary they are a dime a dozen. You are licensed, bonded, insured, and well-trained. Know your worth and do not allow these companies to treat you like trash. If we begin to stand up and demand our fees be paid fairly, we will be treated better as a profession.


I screenshot only the text that I ay I am available, indicating the fee as well.


Do you screenshot every accepted signing? oh my.

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Yes, then I keep notes on my calendar as well.

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I had a similar experience with First Class Signing. I accepted a Seller Signing job from them and after documents were uploaded they called me and said that there weren’t as many pages as they expected and would I do the job for… they quoted me half the agreed upon price. I said no and they promptly removed me from the assignment. The thing is when the Title Company contacted First Class Signing they quoted them a price they would pay to get the job signed and Notarized and the amount of pages was already figured into the price the Title Company was willing to pay. So when First Class Signing realized it was such a small package and they could pocket more money they reneged on our agreed upon deal. Now, if the table were turned and we agreed on an assignment without knowing the size of the documents and once they are uploaded we call them and request more money because there are 300 + pages and the amount already agreed on is to low or we will not do the job do you think they will ever contact us again for signings? Hell no.


Wow, so Low Class! This is a nasty practice and very distasteful and disrespectful to all Notaries. Once a fee is discussed and accepted, so be it. You are so right, “hell no” we would not be hired back. It is in the poorest taste to “bait and switch” with Notary Signings, or anything for that matter. I was just floored with their behavior. Just sad.


Same experience! They use to pay well, I just don’t understand.

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I’ve had three signings with them with no problems- Oct 2020, Mar 2021 and April 2021.

All paid on time with no issues.

I really appreciate the feedback from my fellow Notary Signing Agents. I can not believe the low bawling fees that some companies are offering, but want top-line quality service. I had one company that was so rude that I refused to work with them even if they offer me more money. I took a signing thinking I was being helpful they suspended me without even telling me and I was under the impression that I was still on their list until one of the schedulers rudely told me we have suspended you. I then said I didn’t know that her response “Well now you know” this signing company is in Texas, I should have expected it.

I had problems with my car and still tried to make the signing thinking I was being helpful, they couldn’t care less. Everything that could have happened that day happened but still made the signing called and pushed the signing back but still make the signing. What I didn’t know is the FedEx store had their last pick-up at 6pm instead of 7 pm.

I did call the CEO and told him what happened I was compensated 55.00 dollars about half of the fee.
Fortunately, there are so many singing, titles and mortgages companies out here.

Hoping all continues to go well for you.

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The best signing companies fairly compensate you when a signing goes wrong.

When I’m asked what would be fair compensation and I get what I ask, you know you’re dealing with straight shooters.

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I like those companies as well, hoping to find more out there who are straight shooters and respect the high quality work I and others send back to them. I have worked for First Class many times in the past with ZERO mistakes on my end. One would think they would lean on that fact alone and be fair with me. I have had some issues with how they play the game but, this was the worst. I am totally on the hunt for other companies who play fare. Know any?

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They just did the same to me

They use to be a good company to work for. I have done too many jobs to count for them, but my last two jobs I did for them they were so late to pay me that I had to email them and request prompt payment. I will say though they did email me back and apologized. I received a check a day later. It scares when companies reputations go from good to bad and payments start getting harder to get. It makes me wonder if the company is getting ready to go out of business.

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I saw this and had to share!

Disclaimer: I have done work for first class before and haven’t had issues until this most recent job. Most of the people I have spoke with there have been very kind and understanding. My issue was with a “Darren” that works for that company and I do believe he is one of the owners or the main supervisor.

You all will love this😂

I get an offer for a very last minute “small package signing”. Bids starting at 60.00 so I bid 100.00. ( I live in the middle of nowhere and most of these addresses can’t even be Google or mapped, lots of unpaved dirt roads, etc) it’s always an adventure finding these houses😁
Long story short, these are out of state seller docs, requiring a witness etc.
I arrive at the signing…
These signers are NOT happy! I guess they have been extremely inconvenienced by this company and they have been trying to get this done for a month. I definitely can understand their frustration.
The woman signing is very upset just going on and on. She tried to get her ID for me and realized she had left it at the doctor the day before. She’s even more upset at that point with the situation. They call to confirm the ID is at the doctor’s office…
So, I offer to follow them to the doctors office where I which is also out in the middle of nowhere and I let first class know that I will be requiring and additional 20.00 fee for the extra travel. (Keep in mind, I also have a job that’s over an hour away after this one) We get there and ofcourse they don’t have the ID because the traveling nurse took it with her and won’t be in town until the next day. At this point I feel so bad for this woman!
I needed to get on my way to my next job after all this. I reach out to first class, they tell me to contact title and let them know. I leave a message, then on my way to my next job. I also let title know I most likely won’t have cell service because of how rural it is. I hear from title after my last job. They ask me if I can return the next day, which I accept and let her know ofcourse I will need an additional fee for travel. She tells me to let first class know. I send a message through snapdocs (documentation).
Here’s where the ridiculousness began…

I get a response from a “Darren” saying…no docs need to be reprinted…just do crossouts. Then he says…we will pay you 35.00 for your trip today and then the agreed upon fee for tomorrow if signing is complete.

I let him know they don’t get to change my fee that was already agreed to. I went above and beyond trying to get the signing done, drove out of my way to the doctors office, got the additional travel fee approved, and now Im going to drive all the way back out tomorrow, coordinate the witness again and not to mention, I spoke with title, I rescheduled the signers and handled all these things while still doing my other jobs. I also caught a descrepancy in the docs with one of the signers names that they did not see.

Long story short, I let them know if they aren’t agreeing to pay me the agreed upon and fair fee I will not do the second trip. Secondly, I will contact title and let them know I will not be performing the completed signing as agreed upon… Third of all, they will need to contact the signer and reschedule them with another notary. They agreed to pay me what was agreed upon after I had to call and speak with someone else.

Here’s where I really would like to share the most important concepts that have helped me to minimize my stress, get paid more and get paid on time!

  1. Never be reactive to anyone in this field. Always stay empowered and stay in control. Remember, this is your business and you get to decide what you deal with and what you dont. The notary always had the final say.

  2. Stay humble, we all make mistakes and there’s so many hands in the pot with alot of these jobs, sometimes there’s miscommunication or people just inadvertently make mistakes.

  3. Most importantly, if you are not able to get paid, here’s my tactic. I have now recieved 100% of all pay that was late and owed to me.

I email the signing company and simply say,
“Please be advised, I have still not received payment for loan#…please provide a date when payment will be sent out”
THEN cc title to the email! It works everytime!

These signing companies do not want to look bad to title! I had one payment that was over 60 days late and I was not giving up. This is the only way I was able to get my pay finally! Once I ccd title, I magically recieved my very late check.
We work very hard in our field and have put lots of time and money into our training. We deserve to get paid what we are worth and paid on time! I know it’s been said a million times, but if you can, please avoid taking low offers. I don’t take lower offers anymore like I did when I first started. At this point, most of us have completed several successful signings with these companies and have more than proved ourselves to them. I know fees vary from state to state and city to city, so the fees will be higher or lower depending on these factors and I know some people are just trying to make ends meet and they are only able to take lower paying jobs to survive.
The fact remains, the more we hold out for them to pay us what we are worth and what is fair for our skillset, the better we can feel about our work we complete and the better quality work they receive. It’s a win win. Just wanted to share😊


I keep all communication for a year including my scans on a back up drive in case any issues arise. I believe in being able to protect myself, my commission, and career, as well as clients.

Thank you for the wonderful words of empowerment, encouragement, and experience. I needed to hear it today.

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That makes me so happy to hear​:blush: no one understands the pitfalls and perils of our work like our community here! I’m so glad we can empower and support each other!:heart:

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Why do these signing services act like they can’t pay their notaries. It’s preposterous.


I love it…No Class Signing Agency…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. Perfect title. They act they didn’t want to pay me. I had to contact them several times. These people are very sad, trying to run a Signing agency, ripping people off. If I were you, I don’t think I would mess with these companies like this one and Nationwide Signing Agency…they are the worse!!!