First Class Signing

I took the impression that @jacksteinfeld (based on his post) would send an invoice immediately after the signing, regardless of any stipulated payment terms by quoting the Adobe post.

Re: Invoices. I was a wholesale distributor for 30 years. I shipped merchandise and gave my customers 30 days to pay. I also received merchandise and my vendors gave me 30 days to pay. Neither myself or my vendors waited until the payment was past due to send an invoice. If I shipped a product June 1st, I sent an invoice right away. The invoice would have a field which read “due date July 1st”. If by, let’s say August 1st, I hadn’t received a payment, I’d send a second invoice with past due stamped on it. Keep in mind this is the 90s, so invoices were mailed, but this all applies even now.
Most SS tell me not to send an invoice, so I don’t, even though technically it’s unheard of in the business world. So you’re correct that the first invoice to a “do not invoice” company has to be after the payment is passed due. However, if you do a closing for a SS that requires an invoice, send it right after dropping. Take care and thanks for the discussion.


Never had a issue with them. Call them. They are really helpful whenever you have an issue