First Class Signing

Has anyone worked with them? It’s been two months and I haven’t received my payment.

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I work with them quite a bit, probably 4-5 signings a week. I rarely have any issues with them regarding payment (:pray:t2:) and they communicate very well with me. Almost too well lol. They tend to send separate messages for everything which can be frustrating for a veteran notary like myself but I get it…Overall they’re one of my favorite signing agencies out there. Hope this helps you. :+1:

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I’ve had many signings with them and never had a problem with monthly payment. For any missing payments you will need to call accounts payable and they will pay you asap.

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I personally always give 30 days unless their payment terms stated otherwise. If they have payment terms, they usually come with the signing instructions. If they exceeded them, send an invoice. If no payment terms, it’s been over 30 days (or whatever your comfort level is) then send an invoice. I personally always check with the LO to see if the job closed first before I send an invoice in such cases. They don’t have to know that you didn’t get paid, just a general courtesy follow up never hurts regardless.

Now, there is a thoughtful and useful idea.

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@Bobby4913 asking for a friend… were you being sarcastic? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not being sarcastic in the least. The idea is a very good one. This forum can sure use them.


Thank you! I really appreciate that!

It doesn’t matter if the loan booked or rescinded. You did your job. You’ve completed the signing successfully. You get the full fee, no need to wait or verify if job/loan got closed /booked.

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I respectfully look at your statement as an opinion, not a requirement (per most client instructions I receive). They may not say it directly, but by them taking 2 weeks or longer to pay you is there way of waiting to see if you “completed the signing.” If they tell me they pay in 2 weeks and they don’t, then yes, then I don’t care if the loan closed or not. Them telling me 2 weeks for pay is there way of telling me that’s the time they need to review the docs to make sure they got what they paid me for. To me, this is as simple as putting the shoe on the other foot. Would you (as a client/SS Co) actually pay someone for a “complete signing” without verifying first that it was in fact “complete?” I can say without hesitation that I wouldn’t. On a side note, I have noticed that some companies who used to stipulate 30 days or even 60 days in their payment terms paying much more earlier. I am assuming that is due to them no longer having the high demand backlog to review the docs.

dont think he was being sarcastic, actually complementary
this was a good response

I’ve done many signings with them. If they’re late with a payment I send a quick email with the job info and usually get a check that day or the next.

I think I’ve had to message them about theee times over the last couple years.