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I’ve been a Notary Signing Agent for almost six years and prior to becoming a Signing Agent, I retired from being a Real Estate Broker and a Loan Officer. The thing I have learned over the years is the truth in the saying “the squeaky wheel get lubed” to stop the squeak. I send the assigning company a past due notice at 45 days that informs them that if I have not received payment before XXX date, I will send a past due notice to the borrower, the lender, and the title company. The notice is addressed to the borrower informing him that I have not been paid for the call and expect him to send payment to me. I enclose a copy of my invoice sent to the signing company, with copies going to the assigning company, the lender, and the title company. The few times I’ve used this it amazed me how quickly I got paid.

From experience with the lenders and title companies I work directly for, I know payment is processed at time all other vendors are paid. It is very rare for the check not to be mailed in 2-3 days from these folks. The companies pay the assigning companies on this same schedule. It is inexcusable for assigners to hold payment to us past 30 days.


Hi Phil, hope all is well. Can you share a copy of the email? Thanks

Attention all Notaries: STAY AWAY FROM FIRST SOURCE TITLE AGENCY. A 1/23/2017 Signing has not been pay. If you work for this Company, you will get burned.

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Another slow payer is LeJeune Notaries. Still waiting as of 3/21/17 for payment on a signing from 12/30/16. Not happy.

The usual bad guys should be noted - National Loan Closing, NotaryGo. Lowball fees, payment in 60 days or longer. Newbies beware!


Velocity Support Services, LLC, 515 N. Cabrillo Park Dr., Suite 301, Santa Ana, CA 92701, 714-844-4232

This company has owed me $200 since March. I have repeatedly called, only to be told no one is in the office. I have texted, emailed, billed, emailed, called, texted and still I am ignored. I am sorry I ever helped them with their last sale where I had to collect the funds for the foreclosure of 2 homes and postponement of another. I took the job being told it was only a postponement. Velocity got all their funds and paperwork from me, yet they have stiffed me. They are a very dishonest company.

BEWARE – just got burned by a company by the name of “Executive Notary Services” – please don’t accept the treatment that I just experienced with them - do your self a favor and don’t give them “the time of day”
Bonnie Brogan Holmdahl
CA Notary Public


I received payment by this company for a closing I did on 9/9, received check on 10/23.

If you’re located in California, driving distance to them, take a ride over there and talk to someone in person.

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Add Paramount Signature Services to your list. Finally got paid on one because title company was responsive. Haven’t been paid on another because title company, Foundation Title and Trust, has not responded to my calls or emails.

I would only work for Velocity if they pay me upfront. I worked for them for 5 years as a field agent/foreclosure auctioneer. Toward the end I had to beg for my invoices to be paid. I finally resigned! Foreclosures were winding down any way, and I was tired of the chase. Lots of drama, details, deadlines and then to have to crawl for my pay.

No thanks.

I have not had any issues with LeJeune. They paid me well and on time.

Thank you for that information it is very helpful.

Signing Wiz has gotten progressively worse. John use to pay slowly (within 45 days). Now, there are outstanding invoices from February and September that haven’t been paid. His mailbox is full and is not taking messages. Avoid this company

First I have to say it is unfair to bother the signer with your problem. They have no control over it and it really is not their concern. When I do a job I note on the assignment sheet the time I should be paid 30day or whatever. When I do the signing I invoice immediately with a statement that if not paid (within the time they state they pay) then there will be a late fee added -state your amount - an each month thereafter the fee will increase. If I have not receive the payment in the second month I also call the escrow company - they like to know who they are doing business with as it reflects upon them. I invoice again and add the second late fee. When I started doing this I have not failed to be paid.

I am getting no response from The Notary Pool about past due invoices. Any one else having the same issue?

Hi All,

I am still waiting for Notary Cloud in Nevada to pay. Over 45 days. I am dissapointed in this company. I have sent numerous email and phone calls. I completed a 200 page signing for a fee of $125.00. Any comments on your personal experience with this company.

They went under about a year ago, filed bankruptcy, they are out of business and the same owner John Hoyt, opened up a new SS.

I guess he’s figuring that the newbies won’t know about his past, and the ones that do, would’ve moved on. So NSA beware.

When did you last work for them?

Lots of discussion about him on the NSA groups on FB.

SigningTrac/Signed360 is 132 & 122 days unpaid! I emailed the billing Dept as they stated each month, but never really heard back from them until I sent an invoice from NotaryGadget this month, after signing up. I’m hoping that I’ll be paid for my two signings. Has anyone else had trouble getting paid from them?

In the past, I would contact the title company in regard. Each time my payments were received. I also never worked for the companies again. My time limit is 45 days, after that, threats are made.