👎 WARNING: Non-Payment Prestige Notaries (Notary Dash)

I have reached out 5 times no response even emailed Jennifer for service done in Feb 2023 , Beware dont know whats going on with this company???

@tnnotary1 Sorry to read about the non-payment difficulties you’re experiencing. Truly unacceptable what some Signing Services [SSs] are choosing to do regarding non-payment of Professional Signing Agents [PSAs].

There are multiple threads within the Notary Cafe database wherein several contain detailed information regarding how others have successfully achieved payment. The following are two [2] separate lists of those referenced threads.


Also, here is a very helpful & instructional post for collection of non-payment for professional services successfully provided:


Service done April 2023?? It’s still April 2023. Kind of early to be concerned about payment. However, that said, search this site for info about this company

You must invoice the day you do the job. They pay on a long term I think at least 45 days. What I always did was put onto my calendar the day invoices were due. I would email the day a payment was due and would usually get an emailed check that day.

if you neglect to invoice them - their payable date starts over from when they receive your bill.

I got tired of chasing my fees and stopped taking their assignments. I was warned by my mentor when I started out and I worked for them anyway but after a year or more - I understood why she didn’t work for them. There are companies that pay twice a month. And direct title contracts pay in ten days.

I did appreciate the fact that I could get guidance from them really easily. So it was good learning from them. And the schedulers are all very nice people. Jennifer is great. I just prefer better payment terms. I have nothing against the company.


They owe me for 5 signings, 1 from last year. I’ve called, emailed never replied. Everyone be aware not to work for them

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Well first and foremost i have worked with them for years now they pay between 30-47days it’s on the notary instructions. You must also invoice them if you don’t you won’t get paid also in the notary instructions and only 1 invoice per email.You receive a notary dash check by email 30-47days after invoice received/signing completion date.Hopes this helps anyone because they do pay they just have a very very small payroll team.I just received another check from them 3days ago.Best of luck.please update us as you can i talk to them weekly .

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They appear to be struggling. I use to get paid consistently within their long window. The last payment was received over 60 days past due. Apologies from the accountant and a promise to pay out my next job within a week.

What the heck… I took another small assignment. At 31 days past the signing, I emailed the accountant and she promptly responded that their payments are sent out between 31 and 45 days. I reminded her that I was well aware of their payment policy and that because the last job I did was paid outside that window I was promised a quicker payment (I also sent a copy of the email where she promised a quicker payment). She did not respond to that email. I am currently at 43 days… I will reach out again on Monday.

I’ve ALWAYS sent my invoices as soon as I’ve shipped. They may need to hang it up.

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Use accounting@prestigenotaries.com

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@tnnotary1 & @aopre & @slj.notary.wa Please note the email address provided by @CAFRAN2


I have invoices outstanding for almost a year. She doesn’t respond to emails, letters, texts or answer the phone. I have seen numerous reviews that say she doesn’t pay.
BEWARE of Prestige Notaries, Shasta Signings and Notary Dash.

@jamestbenton You may have already tried this email, but just in case . . . have you tried the email address above as noted by a fellow Notary Cafe member [see post above]?


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Accounting@prestigenotaries.com.is how i always got paid
Goid luck
jennifer glover was always a pleasure she is president

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I’ve called them and emailed to accounting. They do not reply. I have outstanding orders from last year

Would like to add a few other companies beside Prestige Notaries that do not pay:
Townsgate Closing Services
Kellys Mobile Notary Services

Townsgate does pay. You have to invoice on their website. (Just like Mortgage Connect.)

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Have an update on payment, finally received my payment last week just took 5 months but grateful .

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I think that “accounting” only works one day a week. I always send my invoice to them immediately after the signing is complete and usually get a response about a week or more later saying that they received my invoice. They do pay though…eventually. Sometimes you have to send them a reminder or two.

I’m having payment issues as well for signings done in May and early June, which is new to me because I usually at least get a response from Aprille Leeks when I email accounting checking the status of payment. I’ve tried calling, but always get a voicemail.

Hi she may be out or on vacation have you texted her? She usually responds within a day or 2.i just received a check from them.Is this your furst time working with them?You also have to invoice them and separately one invoice per one email.It is extremely a lot of work for payment and they pay on a 30-47 day scale by echeck deluxe payment. Hopefully this helps you get paid :pray:

So if Aprille Leeks is on vacation nobody gets paid? It’s ridiculous how they do things there, but it is what it is. I’ve always gotten paid…eventually, but it’s a real pain in the butt.

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