First signing through zigsig

Did my first signing yesterday through this platform. I really like the layout of it. It gives you so much info then the rest, I think anyway. Let’s just hope all goes well with getting paid. The amount I was offered was well above others as well


Congratulations and thanks for the tip!

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I would love to work more with Zigsig. They offer decent fees. I did a couple of signings for them but not enough.

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Guess what I have been doing the last few hours thanks to you? Yep, signing up with the platform. Now I am researching Fidelity terms I did not know and likely should have. Great training session, LOL. Like, how can I thank you?

I went to website…found this

“Automated Notary Scheduling For Title Companies. Locate notaries and schedule signings like never before!”

Is this the platform where they have access to your calendar and they auto-schedule signings for you by putting them on your calendar themselves? Hope not - that could get real tricky…

Has anyone vetted this? Looks a bit sketchy. “NOTARY REGISTERATION?” Then they jump in immediately wanting banking details. Ummm…no thanks!

I did some googling - they were discussed on NotRot - apparently it’s a platform like Snapdocs - not sure what companies they cater to or if they’ve limited it to only title companies. (which would be nice)

I was going to ask the same question about why are they needing to know what type of car I drive? Not trying to be apart of some type of scam because I am sure there are plenty of them out there.

What’s the latest on how legit this platform is. I’ve been holding out to see what problems have developed. Especially with the weird registration questions.