First Source Title Agency Parma Ohio

1/25/17 There is apparently a problem of some kind with this Company- First Source Title -address 12000 Snow Road Ste 8 Parma, Ohio 44130.
The listed owner is R. McNamara and the majority of employees listed on their site are others with the same last name.Currently they owe me money for a Signing I did for them and here are the facts in Chronological order: In early December I was contacted by Noby McNamara whose title is listed as “Closing coordinator” I was asked to do a loan closing for them in another county. At first little information was provided to me as to the : type of closing, if any faxbacks were required, approx size of package I would have to print the two copies of etc. After finally going back to them to get enough information to know what the job was I gave them my counter offer on their fee offer which was way below my normal posted rates. Noby and I agreed upon a fee. I informed Noby that my current policy which is by the way posted with my resume on several Notary sites, states that My fee is DUE to me within 30 days after signing date. Noby stated that this was Not a problem and cited “their company policy” which is printed on Their Closing Instructions sheet they emailed me with the appointment setup confirmation email.

The document identified as Their company pay policy states as follows"
“Payments are processed and sent out on the 15th and 30th of EVERY MONTH”

I completed the appointment on time,completely and without any issues during or after the signing with the borrower at his home.
The month of December moved on passing by the 15th- and then the 30th of December without receipt or any mention of my payment due. All information was provided that they required and they were informed in the beginning that anything else they needed was readily available on my laptop desktop for emailing such as tax forms, E and O , Bond ETc etc… and nothing else was requested ever. We then proceeded into the month of January and NO payments from First Source Title were issued to me passing now the 15th of January-- the THIRD of their supposed payment processing dates. AFter this date passed and nothing was received I referred to their Instructions that stated "for any questions on payment, please email “”.
I later learned this is the email address for Megan McNamara, listed as a Manager. I sent an email to this address as instructed.
AFter several days went by and I got no response from the company- On
Monday Jan 23, 2017 I phoned First Source title at their phone number listed and asked to speak with and was told that was Megan, I was transferred to Megan whom I spoke with.
She told me there was “an issue” or some kind of problem there involving something about a person or person who come into the office there to “issue the checks” and that they had not been coming in as regular as usual and so they may be behind… NOTE THAT AT THIS POINT WE HAD PASSED 3 OF THEIR STATED PROCESSING AND PAYMENT DATES-- and
further that SHE-Megan and another employee were “working” on my check and that it would be handled right away.
It is to be noted that I offered to let them utilize my “pay pal account” if writing or issuing checks was a problem and that all that had to he done was for me to send them an email-- addressed to whoever she wanted- and that it would request the amount owed and they would merely have to answer the email with a credit card nbr etc. belonging to the company, or owner or whoever they desired… and that I would take the loss on the charges from Pay Pal for the transaction…She noted that I had mentioned it but didn’t seem interested in doing that to pay this debt.

I waited a week for a check to arrive in the mail- much longer then it takes for a letter envelope to go from Parma Ohio to Tennessee where I am located…when it was obvious that NO check had been mailed as I was told- On monday jan 23rd after the days mail was received, I again phoned the office of First Source Title Parma Ohio, and requested to speak to Megan. The lady that answered the phone, then put me on hold as if to transfer the call, then returned to the line and asked me my name-- I gave her my full name. She put me on hold again,returned a second time and again requested my full name again which I repeated… then was put back on hold. Shortly thereafter this same party who answered the phone told me that “Megan was in a meeting and she would have to call me back when she was out of the meeting” and I was asked if there was any message… I stated that there was a message and that it was once again due to this non payment of my fees, non receipt of the payment after she has assured me that it had been handled etc. and that I did expect a return phone call as she told me I would be getting after this “meeting”.

Needless to say (almost) I have not yet received that call–now some 2 days later and noone from this company has contacted me whatsoever.

At this point 1/25/17 my advice for anyone getting a call from First Source Title in Parma Ohio would be for you to "beware of any promises written or verbal as to if and when you will be paid for any services performed for them, UNLESS you do not care how long it takes for them to pay you (if they do pay you) for your services as a Notary Public or other entity. I have gotten no apologies, explanations, and no return phone calls and email replies and therefore will be following up with other courses of action and collection. IF I do receive payment from this company I WiLL re-post a revision of this post which is being left on several notable notary public and business sites. 1/25/2017.

Its useless barking up a wrong tree. Well ! What is a right tree the?

Here you go

Find out & contact the following people.

Loan Officer for this loan , Title Officer, Escrow or Disbursement Manager.
Raise a stink with all of them.
Demand payment and then file a complaint ( usually email complaint ) with state police, state AG, State Title Insurance license department.

Usually when you contact the bank / or title or escrow , payment usually follows.
But then , this entire PONZI model of payment that backwards from other earnings is eventually going to go bust and someone will be left holding a bag with a big hole in it.

Update ref my earlier post on First Source Title in Parma Ohio. Several days after posting on this board and another I instituted collection procedures as I mentioned I was going to do after the weekend was over. I filed a written Complaint after speaking with an investigator from the Ohio state insurance office on Jan 27 2017 and also instituted collection thru an online service that helps with collections who emailed the company owner with the Complain’t etc. I had already spoken with the lender prior to that action and while he understood the situation said we would contact them also and he did several days before the insurance investigation was filed etc.

Coincidentally ?.?? I received a check on the 31st of january for this signing and the postmark date matched the date that the collection Comp email was received and opened and the same day as the insurance investigation was filed and it was noted that same had been done on the web and thru other means so apparently one of these appears to have prompted payment. I’ll repost if the check does not clear the banks .

Please keep pushing to have this company and its principals disbarred & their title license revoked. They may have cheated other guillable notaries

I handled on signing for them on July 13. I have gone through basically the same procedure as the person who posted on January 25. Yet to be paid I will escalate this matter immediately. In the meantime, I would reject offers of closings for this company!