FL Notaries: telephonic court appearances/COVID-19

Information provided elsewhere by a fellow Florida Notary and Notary Instructor, Robert Koehler:

"By order of the Supreme Court of Florida, all Florida notaries are authorized to swear in witnesses remotely by audio-video communication technology from a location within the state, provided they can positively identify the witness. This is effective until March 27, 2020, or as provided by subsequent order.

This applies ONLY to the oral administration of oaths for official proceedings such as court hearings and depositions, which are being held telephonically or by webcam throughout the state to mitigate the threat of COVID-19. This order does not permit traditional pen-and-paper notaries to notarize paper documents by remote electronic means.


Statewide Stay-At-Home order issued today effective midnight tomorrow night 4/2/2020…here’s an article about “essential” vs. “non-essential” - notaries, make sure you stay in your lane.