Florida Notaries - About Use of Digital ID

Thanks go out to Robert Koehler of Florida Notary Academy for providing this information to me and allowing me to post here for your reference.

Per the Florida SOS - use of digital ID for notarization purposes is allowed in the state of Florida. You can use the verifier app found in the app store to verify its authenticity - “FL Smart ID Verifier: Thales”…here are the instructions:

Instructions for Florida notaries to verify a Florida Digital Driver License or Digital ID:

  1. Download the “FL Smart ID Verifier: Thales” app to your smart device.

  2. Instruct the signer to pull up their digital ID using the “FL Smart ID: Thales” app. Once the ID has loaded, have the signer tap “Proof of Age Verification” on their device, which will generate a QR code.

  3. On your device, open the “FL Smart ID Verifier: Thales” app and tap “Click to Start”. If the app requests access to your camera, allow. You will then be able to scan the QR code on the signer’s device.

  4. The notary’s device will send a Bluetooth signal to the signer’s device, requesting the signer’s consent to allow ID verification.

  5. Once the signer has accepted the consent, the notary’s device should display the signer’s ID photo with a box saying “Valid Digital Document”. If the credential is expired, this will show as invalid with a red background."

Again, thanks to Robert Koehler for researching this, reaching out to FL SOS and getting a definitive response from them. notaryacademy.org