Florida Remote Online Notaries (RON)

Hello all!

This question is just for Florida Remote Online Notaries

Iv been a Florida notary for awhile now and have completed the RON course awhile ago but was disappointed with all the platforms offerings at the time, much has changed since last time iv dug deep into research on best platform to go for and much of the notary demand has moved to RON’s.

So i wanted to ask the community of Florida Remote Online Notaries what platform their using and why did they choose that platform?

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I’m not a Ron, but do live in FL. Though I can see a nich for this i can imagine it has also taken a hit just as much as any other notary. Why would people as a general pay more now up to triple what a regular notary costs in fees when they could just run down to UPS? Sure, the client is a military many stuck in Germany, RON is great. But I’ve only been aproached once for that demand from a contracting company this year. The companies you sign up for are trying to eat on average half your fees. If the online companies are charging 10-15 per stamp, where does that leave you with the average person? The class through many companies to become a Ron is fair priced to me, 50 bucks is no stress, its the platform costs that kill you and can someone who is tell me if the demand is really their with everything opening back up?

Exactly, the class is nothing it’s cheap and easy.
It’s the choice of platforms out there that bring it down, their either to controlling or take alot of the money or both.

So far I still don’t see it being worth it, I have class completed with certificate but then I’d have to invest more into uping both my bond and E&O to 25K then purchase electronic seal and contract with a platform…
But more investment is required to get started and I just don’t see the return coming from it…

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