Florida RON - Best RON Service Providers?

I thought so. Thanks Linda. Do you have a preference for a RON platform?

Hi Sue

I do not do RON so can’t help here…sorry

Thanks for your time Linda!

Nexsys Clear Sign Thru Amrock

What’s their price? Here we go for 20 letters.

Amrock pays all platform and id verification fees. I receive my regular Amrock signing fee (no print fee).

I use to close for Quite few for Amrock and they do pay print fees, I only do RON’s closings for them now

I close mortgage for Amrock RON’s only

I got my Seal for NNA and I got my RON commission from the state of Florida, I was signed up with PAVASO which was not good never could get them on the phone, I signed up with Service Link to do RON’s did everything, they couldn’t get RON up and Running, so I signed up with AMROCK did everything again and I been doing RON’s Every week since

Go to Nexsys requires Identrust and e stamp, I got both with NNA, I work with CXChoice they use Nexsys, I think that CXChoice is hiring RON Loan Signing agent.

And what is your signing fee?

Try to call Title companies because when you get it whoever sent it to you it has to be already in that format so you probably need to check with title companies and find out what platform they are using and try to find one is stick with it