Florida RON - Best RON Service Providers?

I saw one thread on here but it got bogged down in a conversation about DocVerify.

I’m still applying for Florida certification to be a RON though I’ve been a notary for years.

Has anyone compared the available services? I usually just need to notarize paperwork I’ve prepared for clients.

Also, in Florida, you can only charge $25 per notarization. Does that include the RON provider fees? Or do we just have to eat the cost of the RON provider?

Thanks in advance!

As far as I know that’s all you can charge - I’d say check with the SOS but they’ll just tell you to consult an attorney. The maintenance of the platform is your cost of doing that particular type of business.

Thanks. What provider are you using? (Are you in Florida?)

Yes I’m in Florida - not RON commissioned and no intention of being RON commissioned.

Right now I’d suggest you put that on hold anyway - all state offices are closed until further notice - you’re not going to get your commissioning done now until this State of Emergency is cleared up

Hi. I live in Viriginia and just got my eNotary commission. I signed up with a couple companies to see what their services look like: SIGNiX, DocVerify, and Secured Siging. Pros/Cons:

CONS: They’re expensive. They charge $100 for the electronic seal, plus membership fees. They also have a weird pricing structure. Your monthly membership includes a certain number of documents. You have to buy more “document credits” if you need to do additional signings.
PROS: it’s the most robust website of the 3. It has everything you need for remote signing: video/audio recording, instructions by state for using their eSeal (important in Virginia because I had to get a seal before I could get my eNotary commission), you get the fillable pdf creator, and the interactions with clients is extremely straight forward. Plus, most real estate businesses seem to use this already.

SIGNiX: CONS: the website organization is…immature. I found it very frustrating, but their customer support is excellent, so they compensate. When you sign up for the website, they made it a lot more complicated than anything I’ve used. Instead of a typical internet form where you enter your information, they have you digitally sign a contract. Then you get an email later from the billing team. Then you get another email when your account is officially created. Then another email with training information. Uploading your seal is weird. When you login your account, you can’t see any information on your electronic seal. You have to start a template and save your signature. Then you add yourself to the form as a “notary” and when you do that, apparently you have a seal available. HOwever, I needed additional information to get my Virignia eNotary commission and I still can’t find it on the site. So basically, the first time you do a signing is the first time you’ll know that your seal is there and functional. There’s no way to check it before. I’ve emailed their team about all these issues, and hopefully they’ll get it worked out.

PROS: As i mentioned, customer service is excellent. I think they’re a young company and still working out the kinks, so it’s all good. Their pricing structure is reasonable. They charge a $250 annual membership fee. Per loan signing, they charge $10 for the first seal, then $5 for each one after. So if you charge $200 for a signing, you walk away with at least $150. In Virignia, we can charge $25 for any regular notarial act, so I’d away with $15-20 per seal. It makes sense. Also, they have a TON of instructional videos that show you going through a signing process, which makes me feel better about going into my first signing with the platform.

Kind of a neutral note: SIGNiX only stores your signing information (audio/video and documents) for 90 days. So you have to make sure you have a place to store them. No big deal, but it’s something to be aware of if you don’t have a cloud service you like or a large hard drive at home.

Secured signing: CONS: right now, this looks like they only do digital signatures not Notary. However, I bring them up becasue I mentioned the Notary business to them, and they’re looking into it.They were comparably priced to SIGNiX and their website was superior. As soon as they get the Notary functions added, I expect to use this service.

Hope this helps. Do you know any title companies looking into remote LSAs? Since i live in DC, it’s really hard to get around. I’m very interested in the remote aspect of loan signing


Thank you for your info. I signed up with docverify, paid $100 for setup fee, and $680 for the year. I think that was my biggest mistake. They offer a lot of information if you are visual. But I learn better being shown. So, they have a training link that doesn’ work (they try to send you to someone to do the the training since they don’t actually offer training). They don’t respond to emails right now…if ever. They just send you links to their huge manual.

They provided the Certificate for an additional $100 so I have that now, and I believe they provided the seal as part of the package. But, I need help on how to use everything and cannot find it. I don’t know if I am supposed to set up my company, either.

Amrock is using Nexsys Clear SignSM and Pavaso is also approved by the state of Florida.

However, I need to find someone willing to train me on how to go through the process on setting myself up and actually using whatever platform is easiest, more manageable, cheapest, etc… And, I need help with which is the easiest/least expensive platform to use

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I talk with some at the state office today, they are working from home, you can call and leave your name and number someone will call you back, RON started in florida in January 2020, so a lot bugs have to be work out I’m sure, I was certified with PAVASO in 2017 for when you would take your laptop and a Note for a wet signature, and signature pa, I, used PAVASO Platform, now Look like everything cost, I’m certified to do RON I’m presently waiting on my DEMO from PAVASO platform to look at and inspect it, I have a lot of question about fees received and what will I have to pay out, what will I net, when I talk with sales I’M a Company with 6 peoples that work from home so I need to know soon, Jacksonville Florida will shut down Friday 4/3/2020

Oh! the reason I chose PAVASO PLATFORM they came with over fifth Partners( Banks and Mortgage Lender) and I know for fact about their software and if I work for their partner and it is a lot of them.

Grover, your notary fee for remote online notarizations is $25 per notarization - that’s the law. As a RON notary you’re only going to be doing online notarizations - no printing, no travel, no FTF with signers and reviewing docs - unless you’re in line to do e-closings.

Some say notaries are considered “essential personnel” - it’s all in the interpretation. I’m not so sure but don’t take that as gospel. Study all your options.

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I am in Wisconsin and we are allowed to do Remote Online Notarization now. I was told my Service Link to sign up with DocVerify. When I go to their site, I have to get the Certificate which is not exportable. Is there a better place to get a certificate so I don’t have to buy one for each platform? Also it says Enterprise Edition is required for On Line Notarization. That is $40 a month. Can someone tell me where is the best place to go to get the training and the supplies needed.? NNA website is no help.
Also, per Service Link and Amrock, they are paying the same fees for on-line as in person. Minus the print fee.

I am a Florida Notary. I had a really bad experience using Docverify, I received a few clients and the system doesn’t work properly. Those clients cancel my services because of that!
There is no E-mail, no physical address, no phone number, customer service is a mess!
I took the tutorials several times, I searched for videos on Youtube and my final conclusion is that “those 'helpful resources” are not updated.

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Thanks for the update. Thankfully, it seems we are not the ones that have to sign up with DocVerify. The lender and title companies are. So, with that said, try Notarize. Great company.

I can definitely identify with your struggles. Ive had nothing but a terrible time with them.

I believe you do need to sign up with them to have them issue your electronic seal, journal and credentials.

Not sure where you’re located, notaryme, but in FL the notary personally must provide their RON service provider before they can get their RON commission - so they have to sign up with someone to issue their RON seal, journal, storage capacities, etc. It’s not up to lender or title…it’s up to the notary.

That is correct and I am in Florida. I did sign up with DocVerify to apply for my RON certification. However, when I saw how difficult it was and when I found Notarize, then I just cancelled one with the state and switched to the other.

Now, I won’t get business from any title company or Lender that isn’t also signed up with Notarize…for now. So that is what I meant in that the lender/Title Company must have or open an account with, for instance, DocVerify, in order to upload and tag their documents for you to be able to close one of their loans.

Thank you for the explanation…and sorry for not remembering where you were from. Ask BluePenNotary…that’s common with me…lol

Really wish either (a) our state showed up under our names…or (b) we could set a signature for our posts so we could show name and state…would be sooo helpful.

No worries, and I totally agree!

I am in the process of signing up with Nexsys. This was the platform recommended by Service Link. The platform requires the purchase of an electronic notary seal, a digital certificate and state approval. NNA offers the seal for 15.00 and the certificate for 69.00 per year. I dont know how the cost/price structure will be once I am approved. If it doesn’t work financially I might just bail. I am under the assumption that the platform will take care of the video backup etc. I have no desire to archive that on my own. I won’t accept a break even on this, it must show a profit.

Hi Linda-

Just to clarify- It’s $25 per notarial act- not per document, correct?

Right - RON is $25/notarial act; traditional notarization is $10/notarial act