In Florida which provider to choose?

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I’m really very confused about which provider should I need to select and write at the Florida State Application.
Since I do closings for several title companies, and now 3 of them are inviting me for training and start receiving closings from them but the 3 are using different platforms providers.

Can somebody tell me if I need to write several platforms in the application for Florida state? I called many times to the State, but I think they are closed because about the virus

Sorry…can’t help you. Just wanted to thank you for confirming what I’ve always thought would be a problem. Namely, 1) that hiring companies will use DIFFERENT providers; 2) meaning a RON notary would need how many platforms 3) can a notary have more than 1 platform provider and 4) What is the ROI on this? Doesn’t sound very promising to me and I still believe the business will go to big tech, not independents. This belief is confirmed by the fact that is looking to hire 1000 notaries right now. Which makes me wonder…if a notary were employed by–would they still be allowed to work as an IC for others? Hmmm


I’m getting all information I can.
First, I passed the NNA course to be RON, then I need to go to another training with one of the titles co I do closings, they use different providers, I called the State (Florida) and was told I can write several providers in the application for the state, which included an additional bond which cost $40.

I really don’t like doing RON, but is the future, and at this moment it is more secure than going in person during the coronavirus pandemia exist.

Be aware that we need to be sure that the platform we use will comply with state law and requirements.

You have to choose a service provider who can help you with your eseal and your video conferencing and knowledge based verification/identification; along with your video storage for 5 years. Doesn’t matter what the companies want - you need to find a provider who can provide all those services to you in order to do remote notarizations. So no, you do not need to list all of them - but you do need to be on board with one service provider who can accommodate your remote online notarization needs. The state wants to see, in advance, who is going to provide your e-seal, provides your conferencing, store your video, AND provide your cloud journal.