Florida RON bond requirements?

Florida notaries,

I am perusing my RON certification and one of the State requirements is a $25k surety bond. Has anyone done this? Is so, what type of bond did you get and who did you purchase from? This is somewhat confusing.

Thanks in advance.

Where did you get your original $7,500 bond?

You have to be already commissioned as a conventional notary before you can be a RON commissioned notary - for that you need the $7,500 bond. I’d check with the agency that provided that original bond to you - may be they can help you.

And don’t forget - although you don’t need E&O for a conventional notary commission, you do need $25,000 E&O for your RON commission.

Good Luck

Got the original from American Assoc of Notaries. But, they don’t provide any additional bonds FL that I can find. Thanks

Tom, I am NNA member, and got bond commission from them and now they updated to $25 k, which apply for both conventional commsion and Ron. Call them, may be they can help

Thank you, I will give them a call.

@Tom1 , I just called AAN, and they sent me an application form for RON. They offer RON too, but it is not on their website yet, since they just started doing that because of COVID19.