Four signers one loan

Hello everyone,

My first experience today with accepting an offer which came through snap docs for today 12/24/20 with 4 signers. After I accepted the assignment for $175 I called borrower to confirm time and go over a few things like, IDs, COVID19 questions, address where signing taking place and I always ask the borrowers if it’s only 1 or 2 signers. Well…, nice try SS co, the cat is out of the bag now! I called the SS back to let them know I will need an increase for this loan as I will have to provide a set of copies for the other 2 signers that would be 3 sets which came out to be a whole ream of paper and probably 2 or maybe 3 hours later to complete this signing. Nope! they could only increase it to another $25. I declined and told them to find another notary! I’m pretty sure some other notary took the signing because after I was removed from it an offer came through my text again and then poof it was gone! Well I did 2 other signings and made three times as much with same amount of time it would have taken
me to complete one signing for less! Our market area is also saturated with notaries and pretty sure who ever took it doesn’t realize time is money and money is time!


I think that should be disclosed upfront. I have been getting those texts we met your price, but then it’s 2-3 loans! It seems everyone has been busy here doing a 1031 exchange or just buying rentals.

I am having nightmares about inadvertently accepting assignments like that. Some people have a fear of spiders. With the COVID pandemic, I am having a fear of crowded houses.

I had one today it was my first one indoors, but the borrower assured me over the phone that his parents that are 90 would be in their room so it would just be him and he would be at the other end of the table so no shared air. They of course we’re not in their room, then they got company! We were mid-way through the signing. I became cold, professional, and focused on just getting my flagged items done and getting the hell out. I pulled into my drive signed onto Snapdocs and told them that they would get the scanbacks after I showered and decontaminated everything! Then I sent the scanbacks and went to FedEx. I feel that I should have canceled the appointment once the parents were not where he said they would be. I should have just walked out.


Good for you @lillyaclark.19 :+1:
We have to stick for more reasonable fees. Wish more of us would do the same, I’m talking about newbies, because experienced ones have been telling us over and over to not let that happen when it comes to negotiate.
This past Wednesday, Dec. 23rd, I spent most of my day rejecting and counter offering :laughing: You should read one of my last input in regards to it.

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Smart decision. Please take what you like from my response, below, and leave the rest.

I might suggest when calling, to negotiate, that you tell the SS/TC you have confirmed the appointment and state what your fee is for the additional work. The extra signers not only add extra copies but adds more time; enough time to do a second closing. (Sure you wouldn’t have drive time for getting to the second closing.)

Speaking of drive time, I frequently do long distance closings. My base rule for drive time is the number of closings I could complete during the drive time. I charge for the driver’s (my) time plus mileage. If I could complete 2 other closings during the drive time then my fee is for 3 closings.

Explain your logic to the hiring company and stand your ground. When they understand the ‘why’ it is amazing how often they accept the counter offer.



I like how you think. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Nothin’ worse than being “had”. I clump those type of folk in with the “shady” category. It’s like we always have to be on guard.

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