Fraud alert - Notary on the Run AKA Jen’s Elite Notary Services

They are on the run alright! They are a fraudulent company that will ask you to perform a notary and invoice them. They send you the dpcument, have you perform the notary and mail them the documents, then they never pay the invoice. Located in Los Angeles. And no longer using the same number. Im sure they just change it and do it again. Lesson learned. If another notary wants you to do a job for them, always make them pay via venmo or something before dropping off rhe documents to be mailed.


run, notary Run :running_woman: :running_woman: :man_running: :man_running: :athletic_shoe: :running_woman:t5: :man_running:t5:


they send u docs they want Notarized?
who signs the docs?
sorry I’m not understanding what u mean perform the Notary?
Report them to Sec of State

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To cafran2: can you please tell me how to report a company that did not pay to the Sec of State? What is the process?

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On your complaint you posted on Yelp, you may want to blur out the customers Name and Address, privacy concerns and you getting sued. The customer has no dog in this fight.

Here is how you get paid: Bring up the docs you had the customer sign, get the escrow officers name and phone #, call that person and her boss EVERYDAY until your get paid. Then you will get paid. One of the hats I wore at a previous company was collections, and I always got us paid.
Thank me later.


Are you asking how to contact your Secretary of State?
try google

if they came thru a platform report it there ae well
although some platforms like Snapdocs arent equipped to accept reports , they have made attempts to investigate scam signing companies

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This is a situation where the company that hired me was not through a snap docs type platform. The company has since gone out of business apparently since they have removed their website and do not answer their phones. I am not the only notary that has been affected by their non-payment. my question about the Secretary of State is that I have looked at the website for the Secretary of State here in California and there does not appear to be a way to report a company for nonpayment. At least not that I could detect. That is why I was asking if you had some insight on someway to report him . The law firm that hired this company (who in turn hired me) has been contacted, and they are aware of the fact that I was not paid. However, since they already paid the vendor, they are saying that they are not responsible.

I was hired by Notary on The Run last month and have nkt been paid yet. She said she qas going to pay me on the 15th of June. We will see. She goes by Jen’s Elite Notary Services now by the way
I have her phone number if you need it.

They sent me documents for someone in my area to get them notarized by be. Then ahipped to the lawfirm by me, and she gets paid by the lawfirm. So shes a middle man basically. Like a signing company but , not. I called the law firm to inform them that she was not paying her independednt contractors but of course they said they would call me back and never did.

Do you mean Jen’s is a single notary who asked you to do a signing or is she a signing service? I’m not following.

Wait the business name is “notary on the run” ? And they are actually on the run for not paying notaries. It’s not funny at all but the audacity! How sad! I hope everyone gets paid for work they did :frowning: - fellow notary

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From what another small signing service told me, anyone can run one, even just a regular notary yes. They just get extra E and O and call themselves a signing service apparently. UPDATE to original post: She did finally pay me after much hounding.