Front Range Notary, Inc

Beware!! If you are in Colorado and this company contacts you - do not accept orders!! I fell for this “company” once and some time had passed then forgot about it. I accepted a job again and she is just another notary trying to create a signing company. Never answers her phone, cannot access the documents and on the first job she called me 3 days after the signing to ask me if I was available?!


Thank you for the ‘heads-up’ regarding this company, Adrienne. :sparkles::+1:

For those of us who ‘code’ our Contact List, a few details . . .
FRONT RANGE NOTARY, INC. 13479 Clayton St, Thornton, CO 80241 (720) 333-3352

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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I had a very bad feeling about accepting the first assignment, because she would never answer my calls or return calls. I had no contact information for the borrowers and I could not access the documents. It was so frustrating. Even worse, after I had to cancel it, she called me days later asking if I was available. This recent assignment that I accepted, I could not access the documents. After researching her on the first one and realizing who it was, not being able to access the documents, I called her and she did not answer, but returned my call. I hope you get paid. Can you contact the title company directly? I do agree with how she is going about this.

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I clicked on the website all I see are a bunch of smiling notaries that look happy as can be?

I do not understand which website you are referring to?

I have worked quite a bit with Front Range Notary; my experiences have been very good! I do recall at the beginning (for me—Sept/Oct 2020) that there were a few “hiccups” or “bumps in the road” but that happens with the big companies too. And don’t most notary signing services start out as just a notary who wants to build a business? (I mean no disrespect.) I just want others to know that FRN has a good reputation with notaries too. I’m sorry you had a bad experience.