Fronting Closings at Title Office

Hello! I have had recent meetings with two title offices that want to use me to front closings in office on an as needed basis (covering vacations or extra volume, etc.).

The title companies are suggesting a fee that is significantly less than what they pay me to do their mobile closings … about half. They have said that is the fee they collect in the settlement process as closers. My question is …… have others who close in office experienced this? Do you agree to a reduced rate to close in office? If so, how much of a reduction from your mobile fee do you accept?

Thanks in advance for your input!

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If they handle the printing and pre- and post processing, and all you have to do is show up and notarize signatures, reduced fess sounds reasonable. Get everything in writing.


I agree. But another thing to consider is - will you be called in to do only one closing or will you be staying all day to cover multiple closings at staggered times (meaning lots of “down time” in between). If only one I’d charge per notarization plus travel time and table time (you would need to calculate that amount). If my second scenario, I’d possibly negotiate an hourly rate in addition to a “per closing” fee to cover that down time when you’re unable to accept any other jobs. And face it - if you’re there all day, you’ll most likely end up doing other office things just to do something but sit and wait.


Two good points made by previous posters. You need to ask a LOT of questions about their expectations and have a written agreement covering the ‘what-if’ scenarios that most likely will happen. One other thing I just thought of…after the signing, do they also want you to do the follow-up clerical work? I think they call it ‘packaging’…but am not sure that’s the correct name, but have heard it’s time-consuming.

I know that doesn’t answer your main question, but I have no actual experience with this. Hopefully someone who does will chime in. If not, push that pencil to be sure it will provide the profit you want…after taxes as you’ll most likely be a 1099; not a W2 employEE.

@Arichter Absolutely. Set the expectations UP-FRONT. Transparency & direct communication brings clarity & satisfaction for all.

My fee does not change. I get the same amount regardless of where the signing takes place.
I agree with the others, you need to ask more questions in order to know what’s expected of you.

They can’t pay you as if you’re an employee, you’re running a business.

I like the idea of an hourly rate plus signing fee. I think that is fair pricing.

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I totally agree. In other words if you only have one or two, or here and there notaries for that day, it would be safe to negotiate an hourly rate instead of a lesser pay? And maybe perform other duties in office if there is downtime?