FYI: The Closing Group - I found this in my in box today

The organization is also heavily involved in pushing for Remote Online Notarization despite the fact that it would impact local notaries who do not do RON. This organization plays both sides of the fence and is nearly a monopoly.


Hello, how do I get notified when orders are available in my area of Oklahoma ?

I did one signing for them back in 2021 for $125. for refi., never heard from them again.
They should pay at least $85-90 with scanbacks.

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Nope…should be $150…costs have gone up and so have title charges.


No issues with this company paying what is asked.
Accept or counter offer. It’s not difficult.

A lot of demands for a mere $65

Unph… imagine that. They sent it out all urgent and things trying to create urgency…


Even with the extra competition of newbie 6 figure notaries, and the drop in signings there is still power in experience, and power in numbers. The group that can actually make the low balling stop, are the people accepting the jobs.

I don’t like having this attitude but I realized I was on Facebook and here and other forums giving advice to new NSAs who were taking signings for this price.

I believe that the title companies and lenders utilizing this and similar companies that look for $65 agents, will get what they pay for. After so many deeds are unable to be filed with the county or the lock rate expires enough times they will seek experience. The cost of an LSA is passed on to one of the parties in the transaction, so there is no incentive to the lender or title to pay so little.


My thoughts are they have a lot of newbies following guide lines from low ballers already working. Received email one time that encouraged printing docs on both sides of paper to save ink and paper. Scary world out there and must use our common sense.

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That is hilare! Good luck getting that deed filed with any county in the country (well, any county I have ever worked with lol).

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Sign of the times our industry is facing. We are seeing the impacts caused by economic down cycle of business. I refer to the following economic concept “The invisible hand** is an economic concept that describes the unintended greater social benefits and public good brought about by individuals acting in their own self-interests. The concept was first introduced by Adam Smith in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, written in 1759.” Also keeping in mind the “supply and demand curve”. We can place blame on anything, anyone, or reason, sometimes venting help relieve the stress. Regardless, we have to make adjustments to the current marketplace trends to stay in business. Of course, my comment may not find favor with some people. Just my opinion…

It’s truly ridiculous what the fees are right now. And then, on top of that the one guy who’s selling his notary signing agent training is telling people they’re going to make $12,000 a month.

The funny thing is I accepted a job last Friday forprobably lower than I would have before to do three refinance signings at the same time for a lady who owns commercial properties. I did the math and knew I was still coming out ahead with my fee. About an hour later the title company writes me on the platform and says they’re tripling my fee. I had to ask if they were messaging me or the signing agency because I was so shocked!


@dcdupont64 Also, several have mentioned that he is now advocating for his “students” to launch a Signing Service [SS] to further “develop their business.”

Of course, anyone who has read/reviewed the notarial forums over the past 9-12 months KNOWS beyond the shadow of a doubt that there are MULTIPLE SSs that are going bankrupt, closing their doors, and leaving many Professional Signing Agents [PSAs] accounts unpaid for the professional services they successfully provided to those SSs.

For example, on the Notary Cafe forum one could search the keywords ‘Warning’ ‘Alert’ ‘Non-Payment’ within the Titles & discover a plethora of threads found in their database that share direct experiences in this regard.

Remember to utilize your critical thinking skills regularly in our current business environment.


You don’t say. I joked about that on this forum to a newbie and you guys freaked out ( literally). I was roundly scolded for suggesting such nonsense but sheep do need a sheepherder.

I found signing agent . com when I did a search on my dial up internet for complaints on a signing service that had stiffed me for payment on dozen signings. To my surprise there were hundreds of notaries all over the country asking the same questions… IN 1999!

The xyz association bought that independent dot com several years later an started pushing $60 signing fees on its members.

So true, so true… 19 years in and it appears that some have less respect for seasoned Notaries.

Good job mike, some people on this forum would gripe if they were paid $500 to do a loan mod.