General notary I don’t know where to begin

I’m a new notary in Florida and wanted to know how do you start getting work as a general notary and how do you determine pricing for what you do I don’t want to low ball myself and I don’t want to overcharge thanks in advance for the help

You can check out my gnw website… I’m in Oklahoma but it may give you a good idea
Good Luck!

  1. Get an EIN from so when you file your taxes you file your business income under that;

  2. Get a good supply of professional looking business cards - you’ll need them;

  3. Go to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, etc etc - bring a handful of your business cards with you and speak with the admissions personnel or the social worker - let them know you’re available;

  4. When I started down here I’d go to the various convenience stores in my county and pin my cards onto the boards they have there for advertising - it worked!

  5. Take business cards and go to attorneys’ office around you…offer your services outside business hours in case their clients can’t make it into the office;

  6. An idea I had but never built on was - go to home health care agencies and give your business cards out there - they probably have contact with many people who can’t get out.

As for fees - you can charge $10/notarization (no matter how many signers) - so start there; you’re also allowed to charge a “modest” fee for travel - consider your area and how far you want to travel and what you would be comfortable charging - and if doing hospital signings don’t forget the time you need to park and access the building and work your way through the mazes.

I set my GNW fee in my own county (Columbia County) at $25-$35 plus $10/notarization - if I’m going to a nursing home for a power of attorney (time consuming) - one POA signing is $75 (notarization, travel/mileage, and time with the resident).

Hope this helps.


Thank you I will start with this


The best thing to do is to register for as many signing platforms as possible. Most signing agencies offer a price of what they are paying up front, so its up to you to accept it or not. Being new means being humble. I am in South Florida and I have only been doing Notary work for a month now. That being said, I am getting multiple signings daily, with all different prices, I humbled myself and accept all of them. As time goes on and trust is gained, I can start to request more. The blessing is that I am going on multiple assignments daily…Best wishes in your Endeavor, keep going , keep going, keep going…