General notary work can pay good!

FYI I-9s are not general notary work as they do not require notarization…they are just fill in jobs because people trust a notary to check the ID of their potential employee.

Also, depending on your state, make sure you can do them. CA, for one, doesn’t allow notaries to do I-9 signings… Must be an immigration specialist to do them.

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Hey there,

As Linda so kindly explained above, I suppose technically speaking, I-9 form verifications are not considered to be in the realm of GNW because I don’t actually perform any notarizations when completing the forms. However, because the service I work with, N3 Notary, prefers to/seemingly only works with commissioned notaries and they send me weekly assignments, I consider it to be GNW for me and my business model because without my commission, I wouldn’t have been solicited to partner with them. Nevertheless, I’m very new to the notary world so my terminology may be off regarding classifying I-9 verification as GNW, but nonetheless, it’s a great alternative way to capitalize on your notary commission and diversify your services. Also, as Linda said, ensure you’re allowed to provide this service based on your state’s guidelines. N3 found my notary profile online and solicited me directly via phone (now via email), but you can go to their website and apply to become an N3 Notary agent although I’m not sure what their other eligibility requirements are: Remote I9 Verification Services | Reach Hire | (

Hope this helps – from one new Notary to another :pray:t6:

After coming across @JohnM-FL’s “specialized notary work” term, I may consider reclassifying my I-9 verification service as such instead of GNW as to not cause any confusion :slight_smile:

I really like your “specialized notary work” term. I’ll be borrowing that :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this. So you take the signed form to the tow yard. They now can release the car, but how does the owner get to the tow yard and retrieve their car. If they still have to go to the yard, why use us?

My car was stolen last July, and once police recovered it, I had to get the release authorization form notarized before they’d release my vehicle to me. The impound lot/tow yard didn’t provide notarization onsite. Hope that adds some context to your question?

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@deandradewalt ALERT: You may want to do a Search on the business your have referenced working with (N3 Notary) . . .


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You can run a Search (upper right/magnifying glass) as it will usually be quicker than waiting for someone to reply.

Here are the results I found for you by typing “N3 Notary” in the Search field. This page is replete with threads packed with information on how to proceed in your scenario:

Here is a thread that you may find of particular assistance:

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As the notary you will need to provide the vehicle release form, the tow yards simply tell the clients to call a notary. A jurat has to be performed before being released. Some clients already have the vehicle release that they get notarized online, however, the tow yard will not release the car without an actual notary stamp at the time of releasing the vehicle. I hope this helps. My best suggestion is to make this process seamless for the client because most are already stressed about their vehicle has been towed.

The client pays you directly, I always send an estimate or text explaining the fees associated with the service. I prefer to send messages that can be shown or reiterated later to avoid confusion or discrepancies.

@cNsa5, thank you for sharing this with me! They explained their net 30 payment process to me before I agreed to do work for them. I started with them mid-January so I’m not due for my first payment yet, but I will definitely keep this this post in mind as my payment deadline approaches. Regarding their rate, the original author is correct. $20.00 is the base fee, but I’ve negotiated up to $40 based on the distance of the assignment location because it’s very easy work requiring only about 10-15 minutes of electronic data entry. As a new notary, I’m trying to gain traction and learn the business, but I definitely plan to streamline my services and find my niche the more experience I get and education (like this) I gain. I appreciate you! I’ll provide an update on their payment turnaround time and method once I receive my first one from N3.

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@deandradewalt Great! :tada:

You might have have overlooked the main page of threads (as you referenced only one thread in your reply). This page has MULTIPLE posts on the same topic for that business:


Thanks & Best Wishes! :sparkles:

No, I’m going to go read the entire thread now–I just wanted to respond to your post out of common courtesy. Thanks again!

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I really appreciate your input and experience; I had no clue about this line of work!


:yellow_heart: Here’s the individual thread of particular assistance:

Further, here is the url link for the Notary Cafe page that if replete with threads that should provide you with insightful & helpful info @deandradewalt

Happy Reading :nerd_face::open_book:

P.S. Keep in the back of your mind that when a business references payment of “net 30” => your immediate next query should be along the lines of:

“Is that net 30 calendar days? Or, business days?”

Why, one might ask? Because there is quite a difference between those two disparate intervals of time . . . :owl: Looking forward to your updates! Thanks @deandradewalt


Same–trial and error, and professional guidance and mentorship. Really gotta appreciate the notary vets. I know I do!


You’re on it! I’ll ask them for clarification on their net 30 today then.

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Just a quick reference point for you - I started in this business in 2006 and they were bad THEN…tread carefully;

Good LUck


To diversify your services you may want to try WeGo Look. I signed up with them in December and so far this has been a steady stream of income for me. You take pictures of vehicles for Insurance and Dealerships that pay $20-$40+ for each vehicle. It takes me 15min per vehicle on average. No special equipment is needed other than a tire thread gauge ($3) and a yardstick ($4).

I have been able to schedule inspections between my Notary assignments. In early Jan I received a 17 car inspection order from one dealership which I knocked out over the weekend and was paid the following Friday. I do on average $100- a week with them… easy money.


No need to be conflictive. In your works it’s different that’s all.

I guess it depends on the area that you service. I have gotten some great-paying jobs from my GNW. The last one I did they found me on my yelp page I witnessed 3 signatures on three one page documents and waived my travel fee ($3). They paid me $90 for 1/2 of my time and gave me an additional $20 tip just for meeting them within the hour of their call. They were so pleased they gave me a glowing Yelp review and since then I have completed 2 more on average of $60 each for 10min of work… so money is money and I will take it where I can get it.


Will do, Ms. Linda–thank you very much.

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Thank you for the information. I will definitely take a look. My full-time job is with a major insurance provider, and I recently became aware that my organization uses them as a 3rd-party claims vendor. I’ll have to see if there will be some sort of conflict of interest if I were to subcontract with WGL while still being employed by my organization. If not, I’ll definitely sign up with them. Similar to WGL though, I do very basic home inspections with They only pay $15.00 per assignment, but I only travel up to 20 minutes away for that rate and am only required to take five (5) photos (six if there’s a detached garage). No equipment needed other than a laptop, iPad or smartphone. Have you heard of that service? I just started working with them 3 weeks ago.

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