General Work vs Loan Signings

Today, a signing service hired me to perform a general notary work assignment for one of their executives. No printing, faxing, or shipping, I was paid $150. The assignment consisted of five notarial acts. When I arrived and reviewed the documents, I saw a lot of blank fields. I had the signer make the required revisions. Here’s the things, the reason I was assigned the order was due to my experienced. The signer expressed how many times the documents had to be redone and the importance of the matter. When companies want to insure things are performed correctly, they know who are their seasoned Notaries based on our past work. The company wanted their executive to get the “red carpet treatment”. For me it felt like old times, getting phone calls and being quoted a fair fee. The company exactly gave me an blank open check, telling me if I required a fee adjustment just let them know. Of course I didn’t request any additional funds, because their original fees was more than fair. That job took 30 minutes at the signing table and 1 hour round trip in drive time. I could have been finished sooner, but the signer desired to chat. Money still can be made in this business.


That is quite interesting. I see another perspective on this that ought to give Lenders and Title companies something to think about. As getting it done perfectly was very important to the signing service, they were quite willing to pay an experienced notary a decent fee. Whereas, when it’s NOT important to them, they’ll send whoever is cheapest.

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@cfletcher & @Arichter

Hear! Hear!

  • This is precisely why I regularly emphasize the importance of calculating a Listing of Fees by each individual within their region of the US.

  • Please reference the following thread: 🤩 IMPORTANT => Guideline for Creating Your List of Fees

  • Once a Professional Signing Agent [PSA] completes their List of Fees, it’s clearly visible (in writing) the calculated net numbers that are needed for success & to receive actual pay for professional services; not simply earning a few dollars with a net negative result to their own bottom line . . .

  • With so many “newly minted” Signing Services [SSs] over the past year+, the onus is upon each PSA to vet the SS they’re essentially extending credit to . . .

  • Daily there are multiple posts about PSAs who are struggling to receive remuneration for professional services successfully provided to many new (and some legacy SSs that have been engaging in non-payment for YEARS). This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs.

  • If the Lender and/or Title/Escrow Company [T/EC] decides to offload the responsibility of PSA selection for serving their client to a SS, then at a minimum the Lender and/or T/EC should vet the SS prior to delegation of the Signing Order [SO] to the SS.


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Wow! if my Brother and I are running a SS, one of us must be an Executive, I did not know, now I am feeling important!

That was straight to the heart of the matter. They send a general notification to whom ever. I have never (NOT YET!) had to redo a file. And there are companies that want to pay $60.00 for a Borrower Closing. But I believe this happens because times are hard and there are Notaries that have to take what ever is available if they want to put some food on the table. So they will never have to pay a fair price for our services.

Most of the GNW assignments that come through a signing company pay very poorly. They aren’t feasible unless you are already in the area but keep in mind, the other assignment might get cancelled and there you are off to the boonies for a miserable fee. If I am booked directly by a client I will quote a travel fee and add the allowable charge for each notarized signature. In California that is $15 per signature. If my signer is good with that fee, we have a deal.

I do not always charge for GNW if the signer is having hard financial conditions. I get these sometimes through a church.

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I received several direct calls and job offers, and each time, I felt appreciated for my professional expertise. Last week, the client even treated me to lunch to celebrate the finalization and notarization of the divorce papers I helped with.

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Thank you for sharing this post, this is refreshing to hear and hopeful too.

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You are not the only seasoned Notary. I also offered these same work assignments. I was unavailable due to a medical issue I had to attend to. Don’t blow your horn too loudly.

@mydippingbears Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!