Hey All…
Any feed back on GET NOTARIZED?? I’ve completed my first signing with them and I tried called to advise on there payment method with no reply as of yet…
any feed back will help


I have worked with Getnotarized past year and half. They are great. They pay usually $100. The packages are averge size 80-130 pages. If you properly complete the stages of signing and leave notes if there are questions they respond via there site. Awesome company to work with. They say pay is Net 30 days, but i receive the payment in 15 days.
I wish that most signing companies would be like them. Hope this helps.
Grace Keshishyan
Mobile Notary Public & Loan Signing Services

I love working with them. They are one of my favorites. I’ve had a few issues with payment but when they discovered their oversight, they promptly took care of it. Make sure you complete everything on their website. If that’s been done, call the person who originally set you up. Good luck.

Love them… very easy clean docs… usually get docs a couple days prior to signing… pay decent and I’ve never ever had a problem with pay…

I completed 15 assignments, only received 12 assignments paycheck, I called, left messages and emails them, no response, three assignments were different title companies, so I emailed to each of title officer and broker, let them know my situation, they said, checks already sent out to getNotaized company, I need to contact them. Anyway, just want to share my experience work for this company.