Getting General notary work TIPS!

To anyone who is looking for general notary work here is my two cents on how to get busy. Google business page will be your best friend, this is where I get most of my general notary work. Also make a simple flier and take your business cards as well and go into local businesses that would need a notary such as accountants, hospitals, nursing homes, jails ( I’ve don’t a few ! ) even your local ups and banks because they have notaries but can’t notarize many documents! They will refer you if you make a good impression as oppose to them just saying no to the customer. Also follow up by going back to those places to keep the momentum. Good luck!


Great advice! I’d also recommend sending out letters to hospitals, nursing homes and other locations that may need a notary, explaining your services and include a business card or two. I did this earlier this week and have already been getting calls back with some potential interest in my services. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks for the tip! Did GNW at a library that does have notaries, but one was not available.


I would recommend going in person to the facilities within your service area (don’t forget, that travel is a deductible business expense) - letters tend to go straight to the circular file. However, back in the beginning, I did have post cards made up at VistaPrint and mailed them to the hospitals, nursing homes and especially the attorneys in my service area - I got some business from it but not a lot.



I have dropped off business cards with the receptionist at Nursing Homes and got zero results. Perhaps the management would have been a better option.

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I leave them with the receptionist also, but most times I also ask to speak with the social worker and/or admissions administrator and leave my cards with them. That’s where I get my best results. At the VA I left cards with the Patient Advocate office - also left cards with some of the social workers there - it’s paid off.


Concur :100: percent as my direct experience mirrors yours @keaton4notary :exploding_head:

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Great advice! I love the idea of dropping off biz cards at the local UPS stores, banks, and credit unions. :smiley: A couple of weeks ago, the Bank of A’s own notary was out and their customer needed to have five of his business account signer cards notarized. Their customer found me and my travel fee is $55 plus our Oregon notary fee is $10 per notarial act. So in about 25 minutes (not counting a very short commute) I earned $105 and the bank reimbursed him for my services! Always carry the NNA carbon-copy receipt book and offer your GNW client a receipt for services rendered. It helps them and is a record for you too.


I agree I have gone quite a bit of work from my google business page, handing out my flyers and business card but thanks for the heads up on going to banks will do.