Getting in the Door

Hello. I have read quite a bit of questions from newer NSA asking about emails and where to go. As a new NSA, I get developed business pages, signed up for platforms and directories, and contacted real estate agents. What I’m not reading, and maybe I just haven’t read enough in the forums, is what experienced NSA are doing or have done . We can no longer walk in lawyer offices and title companies due to COVID. Are you calling? Are you sending emails?

Please keep in mind that I have only been a NSA for about 2 weeks. However, I know it takes time to build up a reputation and a good name for yourself. But please, share some detailed information about what you’re doing. Are you paying for platforms? Are they working?

I’ve been on the most noted ones and I have yet to be contacted.

Thanks for you’re feedback. It is definitely appreciated.


Hi Irvin, congratulations in joining the industry and welcome to the forum.

Don’t pay to join a platform that promises you’ll a certain amount of business or business at a certain rate, it’s simply not true.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you about not being able to go into Title companies and seeking and/or doing business face-to-face. Title companies are just like any other business, they want you to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer, not shake hands and respect social distancing. I know this for a fact as 80-90% of my business in direct with closing completed internally within 5 title different Title companies.

Yes I’m well aware that my experience won’t necessary be the same for everyone else, but if you’re going to have any chance at succeeding in this or any industry you can’t be your 1st NO!

Stop telling yourself why it won’t work and make a plans to ensure or increase your likelihood of getting the desired response you’re looking for. I can’t say if you thoroughly prepare yourself, a Title company to still won’t say no to you (that would be a lie). Keep in mind there are many reason a title company might say no, but you can’t be afraid of the NO

As you said, you’ve only been in the industry for two weeks, and there’s still much for you to learn. This forum is a great place to gather information, make connections and strengthen your business.

Feel free to reach-out to me at anytime.

Wishing you many successful signing.


Thanks for responding. Trust me, a NO is not an issue for me. LOL. I will definitely take your advice and march on from there. Again thank you.

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