Getting Reviews!

If you have a Google page or website, I’d love to know what you do that gets people to write reviews.
I have all 5-star reviews, but just getting someone to write one is a real chore. I put a link on every invoice or receipt I send out. I ask politely and say that I appreciate honest feedback. I even send them the short version of the link. I even write reviews on their pages – title companies, law firms, etc.

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It’s my understanding that on average for most businesses, irrespective of the industry sector, only 2-3% of the Customer Review requests are responded to . . .

Of course, percent results can vary depending on the product, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, price, if a review “incentive” is offered, etc.

Plus, some of those who do respond will only submit a Rating (and not a Rating & a Review).

Most will say they’re busy. :sweat_drops:
Some will say they don’t want their activity to be monitored online.
Some will say they forgot their Google password.

Unfortunately, no response at all is typically the reply to a review request . . .


For my business, I’m grateful when clients choose to take the time to submit a Rating & Review on Google.


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It’s hard to get reliable reviews. Just like it’s somewhat amazing that even controversial or highly interesting and informative posts on this forum seldom get responses (except from cNsa5, LindaH-FL and Arichter who always post good stuff). Keep trying but, honestly, don’t expect too much.

Awww…thank you for your kind words, @Bobby-CA

@Bobby-CA You’re a gracious, kind gentleman. I always appreciate your insights, thoughtfulness, & contributions, Bobby. :sparkles::owl:

I’m mirroring @LindaH-FL 's thoughts . . . “Thank you for your kind words.”


Hi there.

I have an email template that I send out after each notarization is completed. I mention it as I am thanking the customer for selecting my business and ask them to take a moment to complete. The template has my Google page link for them to leave a review.

I send a Thank You for Your Business Email with wording like this:

Thank you for your business today.

We take feedback from our customers very seriously as it allows us to continuously improve upon our services. Can you click on the Google My Business Image below and complete a review?

In addition, can you please make sure that you type a few words into your review, as customers would like to get an idea of what you liked about the service provided. Can you consider using words such as (professional, courteous, efficient, friendly, kind, exceptional, highly recommended, knowledgeable, On-Time, Mobile). Please note, we want you to use your own honest assessment of the services that we provided.

My Direct Link to My Google My Business Review Page

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Thanks Christopher. So it’s just an email or do you write that when you send your receipt?
I normally write a request within my invoice (sent through Notary Gadget), which includes my Google page link. Maybe it’s just too much information at once and I should just send the email separately. Has that been successful for you?

Wil, thanks so much. So is yours just an email or do you put this message within their receipt or invoice? I’m wondering if I’m doing it wrong by putting the request within my invoice. I suppose it should be a straight email. I lilke that you give the customers some guidance. THank you!

As soon as I’m done with the transaction, I have a template that is built within Gmail that I just pull up and send to their email address. If you have Gmail, look up how you can create an email template. I have a template for General Notary Work, Apostille, Live Scan and Process Serve.


Oh I see. I’ll look that up. I appreciate that advice, again!

I have a template email that sits in my Google suite platform. It is like Bill/Will said in this thread. It is sent out with my link to the person who was just supported with the notarial act. It has a bit of a script. I edit the salutation so that it is personalized and then hit send. Simple.

As mentioned, it’s very hard to get people to write a review even though they tell you they will. I only ask for reviews from my GNW, btw.

After 3 years I now have 67 five star reviews. Which is pretty low for all the work I’ve done. But it’s high enough that I am now usually in the top 10 of a google search for a notary in my area. Sometime the top 3!

What I do is after the job (if I know they’re happy with my work) is I ask them if they will pls leave me a review? I mention that this will put me near the top of a search and after all this is how they found me. Then I make a light comment of how if I don’t work, I don’t eat! This makes them laugh, which was my goal.

I copy and paste the link to my review page and send it directly to their cell phone with a brief message. If after 2-3 days they haven’t done so, I will send the link one more time and mention I won’t bother them again. After all I don’t want a review saying I’m bothering them!
Besides that there is nothing we can do.


Great question, getting reviews is essential to help you stand out and rank higher on Google.
First of all everyone is NOT going to leave you a review no matter how great the interaction was with you.
I don’t take it personal because people forget, life happens …etc here is what I do after a great interaction typically a GN job I just be honest and genuine and I say to them " You guys were great to work with I am trying to get known and grow my business in the area would you mind rating and reviewing my services at your convenience" 100% of the time they say YES! I say Awesome I would really appreciate that and it helps me out a lot can I send you a text with my google link after I get back to the office? After they say of course I send my short google link and I would say 1 out of 4 actually does it. Here is another tip after they give you a 5 star review respond to there review. Hope this helps

Thanks, that does help. I never ask while I’m still with the signer, only in a text or email, so I’ll try that. And yes, it’s always a good practice to respond to them. I find it’s like striking gold when you get one, so I’m super grateful.

Thanks for the advice, I have completed many of mobile notary services for people at thier wits end and received no reviews. I have given discounts in exchange for a reveiw of the services and not one review to date . I have regular customers and they will have small talk about how they appreciate the service because other co charged too much , give me a tips$$ but still no review.

I’ve run into complaints about notary fees being charged by TCs. The signers don’t understand why “I’m charging them $400 for Notary services.” No amount of explanation from me on how I’m getting a small slice of these fees, will assuage there frustration. It’s not uncommon for them to complain to their lender, Title, and the SoS about “my fees”. While my singers had never complained about my services, I don’t need angry signers giving me poor reviews about fees that TCs charged them.

Notary engagements are one off events, meaning it’s likely I’ll never see them again. This is due in big part to an over saturated market. In Texas there about 1 notary for every 60 residents. This means if they weren’t happy with “my fees”, they’ll head to retail outlets for Notary services.

I really do not care about getting reviews, as long I get paid on time for the signings I did for any TC or SS companies…
I know my worth, and my clients favors me with their business, that’s all!