Gibbs and Mason, LPG

Hello, I am a client of Gibbs and Mason, LPG and they have scammed me. They have robbed me of a significant amount of money owed to me from the foreclosure of my home. I met with notaries and signed documents that stated they would represent me in the foreclosure and retrieve my residual funds. I have evidence that the check was cut to them by the courts on 12/7/23 and I have not heard from anyone since. Everything is infohelp@Gibbs Mason and all numbers have been disconnected. If you know anything about this firm, please contact me.

It would be in your best interest to reach out to @NC_Mike (employee of Notary Cafe) for additional information on this business entity.

I endeavored to assimilate the threads about this business entity just now, which has MANY other business names/also know as [AKA]/doing business as [DBA] monikers; however, the mass compilation of those threads have been REMOVED from the forum by the Notary Cafe Moderation Team. That is the reason why you’ve been directed to contact Mike (see above).

Hopefully you’ve hired a reputable attorney to support your efforts.

I am glad you are here posting this info. They wont be able to threaten you with a lawsuit to remove it.

Contact your state’s Bar Association and file a complaint with them. You might also petition the court to intervene. Are you sure there are funds due to you? Don’t forget, they’re going to take their fee if they have not been paid in advance. Depending on your state’s regulations, they may also be required to provide you with an itemized statement of the fees . At least, in CT and FL where I was a legal assistant for over 30 years, those were the attorney requirements in civil cases. In civil cases, when you pay for representation up front, they are required to provide you with an itemized statement of where that money went.

If you represented yourself, I would contact the court and ask for their guidance - and again, your state’s Bar Association.

Good luck

If these people operated within the law/requirements, she would already have her surplus funds and they would keep their cut. But that isn’t how they operate. And usually there is no actual attorney working in these fake “law firms”. This one is unique because there is an attorney attached to the business formation. Yes, filing a complaint with the state bar is definitely the first step.

Surplus funds must be claim with the county by the previous owner if they have any monies due to them. The owner allowed herself to get in a foreclosure status meaning all rights to the property are forfeited under the original mortgage agreement. She needs to read everything she signed carefully. I am sorry if she was mislead…FYI

@entrebizness reading that article, it appears this is not accurate information…specifically

" Legal Aid of Northwest Texas.

Attorney Ndidi Gbulie explained Brown wouldn’t have had to hire anyone to claim the surplus proceeds after a mortgage foreclosure auction.

“It’s really just a claims form that you complete. The money is due back to you, the borrower. You have a legal right to get that money back,” Gbulie said."

And this is how I always understood foreclosures sales to work. On the flip side, if the property sells for LESS that what is owed, the lender’s attorneys can sue and obtain a deficiency judgment from the owner for the excess debt still owed.

If the above info is true, sounds to me like this lady is a victim of a scam

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The news story mentioned that her check was signed by “Bernstein and Geller”. The bizapedia listing for Bernstein and Geller (also shown in the news story) shows a single review of 1 star by a notary who said she did a job for Gibbs and Mason LPG and was paid via a check from Bernstein and Geller that bounced. Why is “Bernstein and Geller” associated with Avner and Kaufman and also Gibbs and Mason. I think we all know the answer.

Krystle, my partner and I would like to connect with you. We are having some issues as well. Do you have an email we can reach you at? Or I can give you ours.