Global Notary - feedback

Does anyone have any feedback on Global Notary?? I’ve had a few jobs with them in the past… then nothing in a few months, Ive called them several times and I just get a recording stating that I called outside of business hours, no matter what time of the day I call.

I have heard they are now part of Notary Go and then heard they went out of business. I still have an outstanding invoice with them. Hoping I will see a check soon.

I had a job with them at the end of March and was paid a month later. No problems at the time.

They’re still active in my area.

Not in my area, I too was told that they merged with NotaryGo.

Stopped doing business with them summer of 2016, They will not pay. They pay only $60 a closing. By the time you factor in all you cost you are losing money. I always tell them my fee is $----. At least $100. This goes for all title companies. We are worth more then a small fee so they can keep more

They are officially closed from what I can tell. I keep getting referred back to Notary Go regarding the situation. Notary Go first said they merged, then said they only took over their clients. I contacted Linear Title who referred me to Notary Go for an outstanding invoice with Global Notary. I have tried contacting Notary Go for answers. I’m trying to collect $60 from April 6th. The Facebook Account was still active last I checked and someone responded stating they were only in charge of the website. I just think it’s so unprofessional for a company to close without giving us some form of notice. I just wonder if everyone will be paid for their work.

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I have worked with them in the past, never had any issues but I did a signing for them last month and, just like you every time I call I get that same voice mail. My invoice is for $120 dollars. I also worked with The Notary Spot last year and the same thing happen, I was never able to collect the money they owed me.

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I read your reply and called Notary Go, got their number from Google but I noticed when I was calling that I already had the number saved under Global Notary signing status report, I spoke with the agent that works at the desk and she told me that the two companies merged as of April 1st so all of the signings prior to that day were already process for payment. That didn’t make sense because I did the signing in April 7th and I reported signing status using that number, anyway she was not able to find my order in her system and transferred my call to accounting, they didn’t answer. Hope your signing was before April 1st.

I always get through to Notary Go without any issues. When Global Notary was around, they always paid like clockwork via direct deposit every month, a lot of times a day or two earlier than the 20th. I called Notary Go today and was transferred to their accounting department. Even though she sound like she was running water in the kitchen, she said that the payment set up is different than Global was. She said that payments are mailed out in the form of a check the last day of the month for prior months work. So I should know by the first week of Aug if I will continue working with them. They are super cheap, but I only take assignments that are literally less than 2 miles away from me, or if I have to pass the area when I’m headed home from another assignment.

I have noticed that Notary Go uses the same confirmation format at Global Notary. I never had any issues with Global Notary and they always paid me on time and direct deposit. I checked to see if their website was available and it does not come up. I think that Global Notary is no more.