Golden Eagle Notary

Has anyone worked with Golden Eagle Notary? I completed an assignment for them on November 27, 2020 and still have not received payment. I contacted one person, then they referred me to someone else and he says he mailed the check and will cancel and send another one, but when I followed up, there was not response.

No but if a company does not pay you professionally call the title company to see if they will pay you but to also let them know that company did not pay you.:grinning:


Thank you so much for the information. I will reach out to the title company.

Never heard of them…On the Notary page or portal for the Signing Co., there may be a spot you can Post messages & Upload your Invoice to them and/or Call them again. i have many companies that still owe me $$ Annoying!

Just received e-mail from them to join network. Had link to website that did not work. Just read the fine print: …, we know that there is always a new signing service popping up asking for $30-$50 per year to simply receive orders. While some benefits of our portal do have a small yearly or monthly charge, we felt that it would be best to devise a solution where we can give back to the signing agents within our network who have subscribed to our platform. Hard pass. Direct clients or full free services only.

Just to update everyone, I finally received the check in the mail. They had some issues with their payroll person, does not excuse the lack of communication. I had to be persistent to get what was owed to me. We are risking our lives during the pandemic and not paying on time and not communicating with us is not acceptable.


Pay to play notary listing service? Looks like it. Companies will still insist on experience to get hired and no ptp service will change that.

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@tyeoman I did work for them twice in January and still haven’t gotten paid. I’ve contacted the email that sent me the signings and she referred me to the person in charge of paying and no response from him. And no response from her now. I contacted the escrow officer and no response from her either. Reported them to the BBB and no response from them through there either. How did you contact them? Just trying to get paid for my signing. Thanks in advance.

SEPT. 14TH SIGNING, NO PAY, NOW 11/2/21 won’t respond to emails, called Title, DON’T WORK FOR THIS SCAMMER

/Closed loan for them on 09/30/2021 and have not received payment. Texted, then emailed and called them a few days later and no response. Did you ever get paid?

Took me two months, 2 phone calls to title, they finally paid me last week but I feel like they would not if I’d not pressured them, will not work for them anymore. no way, dont’ need the aggravation.

Who, Which company was/is this?!

it was Golden Eagle Notary

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I had a closing with Golden Eagle Notary on February 3, 2022, and I still haven’t received my payment. I called Eastern Title and they said they sent the payment to Golden Eagle in February. I called the number (+1) 888 620 5843 and the automated system answered saying there is no one available!! I am going to report them to BBB but I don’t have an address for them. The website page is not available either!