Good companies that accept new notaries?

I’m looking for good companies like amrock and Xome that will take on new notaries with no experience yet??


You might try the Closing Exchange. It is similar to SnapDocs in that it is many companies on one platform. Please VALUE your time $$$$ or your better off working a 9-5 job for a company. Otherwise you will find yourself very broke at the end of the year…


Thank you for asking this question Heathero22. I just finished all my class work and going online looking for signing companies. Many of them ask how much experience and I’m indicating 0 but I’m not sure if I will ever get an assignment.

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Notary Near You… Best company for sure

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Your best bet is to look into joining websites that have directory listings that are number 1 on Google rankings, such as this one. Also look into having an NSA website. Not all companies that hire direct go through any platforms, only the ones that really offer low ball fees, especially to newbies. I’d advise as to checking out the many NSA Facebook forums for the latest information.

Be wary of any and all platforms, as they are for the benefit of lenders and title companies, et al. and NOT NSAs. Snapdocs for example is both a platform and signing service and the fees offered are just ridiculous.

Rate your worth, based on what YOUR PROFIT IS. Not what they tell you is “normal fees for your area”, a line most always say.

Also, the advise anyone gives you whether its here or any where else, works for them, and may not for you. The best advise I can give you though is DO YOUR HOMEWORK, research and Google title companies in your area, and market directly to for work. Also make sure to have a marketing plan in place.

You’re running a business and should start thinking (if not already) in the business state of mind, not employee. :wink:

Good luck.


I used Snapdocs. Coast 2 Coast hired me almost exclusively and I had no problems getting paid, despite the stories that are out there. I only got paid $75 per loan pkg but I knew that I needed experience and didn’t care. Once I had 20 signings under my belt, I started getting other offers for a little more.


I have used Snapdocs also. I find it helps to respond to texts quickly. I’m just getting my first assignments…I just completed my fifth, and view it as w way to get experience. Coast2Coast signing assignments may be good for new notaries—a lot of helpful instructions—useful if you are new.


As far as the helpful instructions… do you have instructions per loan document ?

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