Good news for my LSAs in California

Tired of making single entries for all your notarization at a loan signing. Well fret no mo’


It’s about time you guys got a SoS who saw how ridiculous your previous laws were…

So if I read it right,

"However, as best practice and preferred method, the CA SoS recommends creating one journal line entry for each signature on every document notarized. "

if you have a husband and wife you list the docs for husband then the docs for wife - each with their own signature - instead of 20-25 lines taken up. Correct?

Thank you for posting this!

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This is fantastic, this will save so much more time and it’s also more effective. I need more news like this in my life, life should be simple it shouldn’t be adding every single notary section and costing more money and trees.

Other states have been using the single line entry for a while, I think it is great news for CA notaries that we can now also benefit from this time-saving breakthrough. Still, it bears noting that some notarized documents are not filed at the county. It would be helpful if we had a list of the documents that are. Since I don’t know 100% I prefer to list all DOT, Grant Deeds, even COT separately. On a purchase I also like to use the multiple line entry. On an owner-occupied refi I will list the DOT separately, any Interspousals, Non-App, Grant Deeds separately and group the other certificates by Acknowledgement or Jurat. On Sales I also list all notarized documents separately. Trust signings I also list each document separately, that is why I charge more because it is labor intensive. There is a difference between General Notary work, where a notary has one entry per person, and the Loan Signing Agent work where we have up to 12 entries per person. True journal-eating work and very labor intensive. Best practice is to make sure the entry for the DOT or Grant Deed is filled out completely while at the table, the other certificates listed by Person, Description, Type of Notarization, Time and Date and I also like to include venue on subsequent lines if time permits. It’s the ID information that takes an age to fill out and that is usually my weekend catchup work.

That’s great, I’m going to save time by doing single entries from now on, if I had more patience I would do multiple entries again hahaha