Good or not?

I have been offered a Loan Modification job 11-35 pages 20 minutes away from my home with no scanbacks for $30.00 What are the thoughts on this job.

Let me guess, C2C :thinking:
They are low-ballers… that’s what they offer to newbies, taking advantage of the Notary seal of NSA.

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I did 1 loan modification job from C2C. It was 28 pages and less than 10 minutes away. They offered $30 too. But I counter offered $85 and they actually took it. I was really surprised. I honestly put the counteroffer thinking why not and see what happens. I told myself I will only do these small jobs for $85 and in town. If they take my counter offer then good for me. If they don’t, then i know some other nsa took it for much lower.

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$85 from C2C! Consider yourself lucky and keep up the same way… counter offer them all the time. They’re the lowest of the bottom paying NSAs.