Google Adwords and Traditional advertising platforms for notary services

Hello, i am looking to do some advertising in the range of $500 to $1000 a month for a website on notary services specifically apostille services. I was wondering if anyone had an estimate based upon their own experience on customer conversion rates from google adword clicks. Any experience or feedback with google adwords or other advertising platforms is appreciated. many thanks

No experience in this…just a comment that the amount you’re willing to spend to attract what I believe is most likely a very small amount of business…bears another look at this idea. Are there that many people living close enough to you who have documents going to a foreign country?

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I am near the New york city area. Seems there is no shortage of foreign country interaction. I thought about building a service just around apostille. I see there are a lot of sites out there on the internet doing this, I am just not sure if there is room for one more… what do you think?

You’ll have to calculate how many engagements are needed to cover your ad costs+paper+toner+time+travel+taxes+bookeeping…before you turn a profit. Now you have to figure out how much profit you’ll need to cover your cost of living and reinvestment in your company.

I used a Go Daddy site that was tuned by a Webmaster. I rarely go hits, and even fewer conversions. I setup a new website for my Tax practice, where my NSA services is a value added service. Still not getting conversions for the NSA side, but I’m getting conversions on my Tax Page.

I have lots of experience in that area but so you know marketing and fees are my biggest expenses. $500-$1000 a month is not an outrageous amount to invest if you can handle the volume.

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wow that seems so expensive

Right now in Texas over saturated market, unless you find a niche, paid advertisement may be a wast of money. Two years ago I placed a lettered ad on the back window of my truck that seemed to work for a while.

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