Google Business Profile

If you are not working on your Google Business Profile, now is a good time to get a hold of the lowest hanging marketing fruit we as notaries have. Optimize your profile with Reviews, Photos, and Post consistently throughout the week.

And if you don’t have a GBP, get one! Start here: Google Business Profile

There is a stream of local searches looking for “Notary Near Me”.

Get busy notary and market.

JIm Allen


Don’t know what state you are in Jim but I’m in WA and have utilized Google for years. Others have posted nice things about me on Google. I have received many signings from Google.


He’s in ID. I was on a Zoom training of his about a week ago and it was EXCELLENT.

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Hey Alice,
I am over here in Idaho, I too get lots of business from Google. Well, optimized profile will win you good business.



Thanks Sallie! Glad to hear you enjoyed the class! I

Jim Allen

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I gained my GBP approval a few weeks ago. Glad to have it.

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I’m running out of ideas for content to post. Would love to hear original topics. Also, since they give you such a short limit on words, it’s very hard to explain what you’d like. It’s not possible to give any detail. It’s frustrating!

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I updated my account a few weeks back and it seems I’m getting more calls now…

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Thank you so much for this. I had no clue how to do this.

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Pardon, my ignorance, but what is GPB?

That’s a fact indeed!

Think it’s “Google Business Page”

Google Business Profile

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