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Has anyone else using Google G-suites and has a website using their Google business profile been notified of the upcoming Drastic change? I received an email today notifying me that websites made with Google Business Profiles will soon be turned off.
Apparently, starting March 1st, if someone searches for me and sees my website and clicks on it, they will be redirected to my Google Business Profile instead. As of June, the website will be unavailable.
Google is suggesting other site builders to create a website.
I am not happy about this. I just had 500 biz cards printed in December with my website address as part of my contact info. Also, this website was very simple to create and use. It served the purpose of people finding me without me having to maintain tons of extraneous info on it, as I am not real ‘techy’.
I have no idea how to contact Google support and voice my discontent.
Those of you affected by this- any recommendations for alternate site builders that are Very Affordable as business has not been great this past year. Thank you.

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You probably don’t’ need to toss those business cards if you have purchased your domain. If you own the domain, you can rebuild your site on Wix or WordPress and run it off the same domain. Both of those platforms will charge you but overall, you will get more bang for your buck.
With a Google website, you have no SEO built in. WordPress and Wix have the two best SEO features in order for you to rank higher on a Google search. In certain zip codes, I rank higher than UPS or other nationwide Notary signing services.
I’m on Word Press and I think I pay around $300 per year. Wix is very comparable.


Agree. And I would offer that GoDaddy also has a free 1-page website with their domains. I’ve used them for over 17 years. Highly recommend.

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The business cards have the google biz website address. Obviously, I have my domain which is also part of my email address. If I build a new website it won’t be using the google website address, so all those cards will contain inaccurate info.

I appreciate the info. Am I reading this correctly- if I use GoDaddy I have to change my domain to one of theirs? I don’t want to do that.

Go to Wix, they have a free version I use.

Just register your domain at

It is just the free one that they offered when you set up your GBP. If you set up your website in your Google Drive (yes, that is an option :slightly_smiling_face: ) or anywhere else you will be fine.