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Ok I’ve run into this before but can’t remember how to bypass it. Some SignIng Services are able to open the google link that’s created when the attachment exceeds 25mg and some are not able to open it. Can some provide a round about way to bypass the size limit when sending a large attachment?

It’s my understanding that most do not like accepting documents through a link. Most Financial Service companies are trained and told not to click links from an external source due to the potential of being hacked. I am surprised that the ones you are working with do. I accidentally did that a few times when on the road and sending through my Acrobat account and immediately received a “No bueno” response.

It’s better to save the file ( break it down or condense it ) from the Acrobat PDF program and send it password protected. I will often use the loan number as the password. I have the paid version so I don’t know if the free version will give you those same options

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Ahhh I betta go ahead and get the paid version :roll_eyes:
I haven’t had much pushback and most have been able to open them, so that’s good.

I prefer to split the documents up rather than reduce the file size. When you reduce the file size it comprises the image quality

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I’m thinking I just need to scan 50 pages at a time instead of 100.

Are you having issues sending the large file or are they having issues receiving?

When I send over 25mb it converts it to a link. Which makes it hit the receivers firewall sometimes. Not all the time but sometimes.

Yes that will happen. …you may want to consider the Acrobat paid version. I have it under a monthly subscription because I use it a lot for this business and other things that I do on a regular basis. You can make a one time purchase if you want. Buy directly from the company and not a third party reseller.

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One of the best things I love about it is it’s PDF scanner on my iPhone for the quick ID picture scan that I can attach to documents when I send back as part of the scan and also print a hard copy to place in the package.

Perfect! Thank You for this info.

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Make sure your resolution is set at 200. Anything higher increases the size giving you this issue.


Change the setting on your scanner to 240 DPI black and white and you won’t have the file size limitation

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