Great Experience with James W. Crocker PC Atlanta,GA

I just wanted to give a good word for the wonderful experience I had doing a purchase assignment with this attorney firm James W. Crocker PC in Atlanta Georgia last week. Lisa Estes was the most courteous person I’ve come across in a long while accepting my fee request happily extending unusually fast payment for my invoice with overnight delivery I didn’t expect. The package was only 89 pages and very well done.

Lisa also prepped the documents with signing tabs and post-it notes sending them overnight with the best handwriting I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately FedEx delayed the package so I had to print out anyway, but her thorough attentive preparation of the package I witnessed was unusual in this industry.

The borrowers were great too making me feel like part of their family during the signing! Just wanted to share a good notary signing agent experience for a change.

Sounds really good. My only question would be payment, since it came from an atty. I’m guessing $125 -$150 ?