Great gadget to keep track of your signings

I found A great way to track miles, printing expenses and keep track of unpaid signings. It keeps you organized with notifications to your calendar also. It is free fir your first 15 signings and after that the fee is very affordable. I love it.


Can you do invoicing from the program? I’m in the market and keep circling back to this one. Is the fee per month or annually? Would be more interested in hearing about that.

Yes it does. It keeps track of overdue payments also so you can re-invoice. Fee is monthly $10 or $99 per year

Visit it is free for the 15 first signings after date the fee applies. It sends messages to your calendar also

I use Gadget. It is limited, but very useful within those limitations. I particularly like the recurring expense function and the auto entry onto my Google calendar.

I do run my financial reports onto a thumbdrive every quarter, as well as an updated signing list every month. Backup in case Gadget suffers a crash.

notary gadget is amazing!!!