Great idea for the title and lenders working from home

I have a fabulous suggestion for those title and lenders that are stuck working at home: How about cleaning out your loan signing packages and taking out all the duplicate and extra documents that make the packages SO… LARGE?!! Anybody else agree?? Do we really need to spend any extra time with the borrowers signing and notarizing minutia in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic?


You’ve got my vote! And why not clean up the other unneeded things: initials on pages that are also signed; the CA ‘penalty of perjury’ clause that is only required/legal in CA, the excessive notarizations that are not universally required. However, I’m sure that working from home is much harder and time-consuming, so this won’t work, but it’s a grand idea.

I agree with you!! Initial and sign every page, ridiculous! I just printed a 200 page refi and there were 25 notarization pages!! REALLY??? And now they are adding in the Tax Payer Consent form and all the COVID-19 docs. If I die, they aren’t liable!!! Ha,Ha!

Personally, I’m waiting for the “Affidavit of Desire to Blow Your Nose During the Signing”, which will be a two part document - one for each borrower. And, of course, it will require notarization.


I’m glad to see that you two ladies still have a sense of humor!! These days it’s hard to find! God Bless and stay safe. I’m looking forward to hearing more crazy stories from the life of a Signing Agent in the near future!:blush::pray:t2:

I truly agree the duplicate documents have gotten out of hand. Please lenders and title companies clean those file!!!

how about lenders and title companies print their OWN 15+ pages of closing instructions. I don’t need to know their process and I don’t think borrowers care about that either.


I had one of these early last month and I emailed the SS to ask them if this was really a requirement and they said yes :open_mouth:, what a waste of time and I don’t see the point in this request on a 200 pg refinance. From now on every time I get a call from this SS I will ask who the lender is and then say NOPE!

What about those extensive title docs… Like Spruce and Solidify… Do we really need to notarize ever other document? Please provide me a little more space to notarized and Stamp it.

Hello all. Im new so I just now saw this feed. THANK YOU! I thought it was just me having these thoughts! :blush: