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I completed a signing for Towhidul Hussain , 707 Brookpark Rd, Suite Unit1, Cleveland, OH 44109.
Signing was completed and scaned back on 3/31/2022, along with the invoice that “Hussain” asked for.
I have called many times and left messages since he never answers my calls (2163139456) now that the signing is complete. I have emailed countless times to no avail. Today is June 26, 2022.
Is their a way that wevas a collective that he has scammed, collect our money or take him to smaill claims court?
Be aware of this scammer.

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(CA) My advice is to NEVER reveal the name and address of anyone you do a signing for. It is a breach of privacy laws and a lot of trouble awaits. If you’ve got a complaint about a signing service, that’s a different matter. Go ahead and call them out. Leave the “client” out of it, though.


I have edited my post. Thanks for the advice.


I always vet (research) an unknown client from the jump. But if you didn’t do this yourself, definitely do it when they owe you money. If an individual owns/operates a REGISTERED business within their state, it/they becomes what we call “public information.” It’s HOW you use their information where privacy concerns can be of concern, and research is not one of them, especially just because you have a name and address.

So just looking at my “research” links alone (found because it’s public information), I would have never have touched this job in the first place just based on the FED Tax Fraud Conspiracy Charge (kickbacks). My second red flag shows multiple addresses for the same person in the same area (many more if you keep searching). My rational (risk assessment)? How many people could have this name in the Cleveland area. Hope this helps!


One reason I don’t do anything else outside of real estate/mortgage loan signings and must be backed by Titles. Several layers of fraud filtering. Everyone involved is protected. :crossed_fingers:t3:

You really rock!!! Happy you’re on the notary team…

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