Greater Lakes Settlement and Closing **BEWARE**

I received a call to do a signing for them on June 24th, 2020. The guy that called was Hussain on behalf of Chris Reynolds. Did the signing on June 25th, uploaded the Docs for them, send them an invoice (as requested) and have been waiting for payment since then. Today is October 24, 2020, so that’s 121 days waiting. Called Chris Reynolds, who called Tyler Shaffer at Goldwater Bank (the Lender) and still nothing. While Chris Reynold called me back on October 5th and while he was very apologetic … still no payment. I see that other Notaries have had better luck with Greater Lakes Settlement and Closing, but this one … for me it’s the LAST signing I’ll ever do or them.
Just a heads up on what was supposed to be an easy signing with payment.


These SS, TCs and escrows make and save money over our notary seals, still want our services provided for free… I hope one day every single lender and title companies decide to create a department and office staff just to do business directly with NSAs.
Good luck in trying to recoup your money and time :+1:

Not good info. I am waiting for payment last month too. Called Chris, said he would send me a check. Still waiting. Yesterday, Hussain called me with another opportunity. I turned it down, since they’ve not paid me for the last signing.

This is why we need to keep page of the CD, names, numbers and telephone numbers of lender and title companies.

Guess this means I have to dog them for months on end to get paid. ARRGH!

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Good idea… to keep copy of the closing disclosure and its lender’s info :+1:

I wrote to Chris Reynolds last evening. Got this response this morning.

Payment is typically issued net thirty days. I will forward your invoice to accounts payable and ask that they issue Monday for if it has not yet been issued. Unless you have PayPal, payment can be issued that way as well.

Great Lakes will need to review the other notary comment of non-payment.

I would give Chris a call and find out why you have not been paid.

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Will call again on Monday. Thanks for the info.

About keeping copies: I have made it a habit and I get it done 95% of the time, to make a full copy of the entire docs. I than upload those via (mostly) Snapdocs.
It’s been an absolute pleasure to respond to someone, when told I forgot (example) a signature on XYZ document. “But … take a look at the docs … I attached an acknowledgement on the next page as it was not conforming to my states specifications.” Wish I could see their faces …
To scan, I bought a ScanSnap scanner. 275 pages can be scanned in about 5 minutes. Child’s play easy!

I have a ScanSnap 1500 too. I only keep page 5 of the closing disclosure. it has the names of all the players in the loan transaction, phone numbers and addresses, loan number.

Great Lakes Settlement & Closings alludes they are a title company. They are not. This all my itself is deceptive.

I would definitely give Chris Reynolds a call or email him. He emailed he would reach out to you. Be proactive.

Best wishes to you!

I’m still waiting on payment from this company for a signing that I did in August. I did call him a few weeks ago and he acknowledged that he needed to pay a lot of notaries. He told me that the check would be in the mail within a week but I haven’t received payment yet. I will never do a signing for them again either. I will keep pressing him for payment until its received

I received payment today from Chris. I sent him an email telling him that he is receiving free negative press from other notaries and he responded immediately. I had to create a PayPal account because thats how he wanted to pay. Once I sent him the payment request through PayPal he paid me right away. He apologized for the long delay and said that he doesn’t need a bad rap.

I received a check last week. Have you been paid yet?

Yes I finally put that behind me.
But I don’t think I should remove the post. Any thoughts?

Hi, I am still waiting for payment from this company. They emailed stating my check was sent out, and still no pay. Notaries beware, stay far from this company, also alert the companies they are contracted with that they do not pay their notaries.

Nope. It was accurate when you posted it. Those post are valuable for other notaries like myself, who visit this page when I get a signing or searching for particular companies.

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I have done around 5 signings for them and its been over 6 months and am still waiting for my payment. Sent them multiple reminders, voice messages and emails - NO response. Can anyone please advice on what can be done in such cases.

Good luck trying to get payment from Great Lakes Settlement. I did a signing for Hussain/Chris Reynolds in March 2021, still no payment. I have left numerous messages and sent my invoice. I tried calling his number just the other day and wouldn’t you know it…voice mail box is full and cannot accept messages.
If anyone has any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate the information

It is a good idea to keep the name and contact info of the title company. When Notaries Express failed to pay me, I contacted the title company and they were angry and immediately contacted Notaries Express for an explanation. I did receive payment, but it took two more weeks. I do not do business with them anymore. It’s so helpful to read these posts and jot down the problem payers.