Groundworks Inspections

Has anyone heard of Groundworks Inspections? I received an email from them but was wondering if anyone has worked with them recently. If so, did they pay on time? Were they friendly?


I’ve done jobs for them that were local. You basically take exterior photos of homes and do a small report. You can also sign up to do interior inspections, Which takes more time because of taking additional photos and creating a sketch of the home with measurements. I have yet to do the interior inspection because the measurement part makes me nervous :sweat: lol but eventually I will build up the courage to do so.


What was their pay? 20 char.s

For exterior photos i believe $20 or negotiable depending on location or travel. For interior $75 or negotiable depending on location or travel.


20 for exterior and 70 interior

I completely understand. I think I’ll give it a try. Do they pay on time?

Yes, they do. It’s once a month though.

You are going to do well. I love that you value your business by filtering companies who don’t respect your time and your business.

Keep asking and building a good book of business with companies that pay well and on time! :+1:

Many companies pay the next day or two weeks later, but there are others that pay months later! Some notaries are ok to wait as long as they get paid eventually but some will not touch that kind of payment schedule/policy.

One new example: I recently signed up with a new bank. Their payment schedule said 30 days. I thought I would try them out. I got nervous when they paid via direct deposit into my account exactly 7 days after the first signing that I completed for them. I started thinking maybe they wanted to pay me fast and never working with me again? But I was wrong
they kept sending more business my way and I noticed that I get paid in seven days again on all of them.

Interestingly, I just received a call again from them just now trying very hard to squeeze in my schedule for this Friday’s signing:) but I had to apologize and declined because my Friday is booked.


Ok thank you for the feedback.

Thank you. I’ve had the same experience with a couple of companies paying sooner than 30 days. I hope that you continue to do well also.

You’re welcome Tracy! You will be successful in whichever direction you decide to take your business.

Awww…thank you so much. I’m sure you are doing well also.

The measurement thing made me nervous also, but I did some research and there are tons of laser measuring tools that we can use. I am currently looking at the Bosch GLM 20 which is going for $39.98 on Amazon. I looked at the video and it seems pretty simple! We got this! You can do it! I have faith in you :slight_smile:


Thank you! I’ll look into it. I appreciate the encouragement :smile: .

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You are most welcome! There is no one smarter than you! Also, the more people that are afraid of measuring just creates more money for us :slight_smile:


Not enough $ for all the work you do, If your doing measurements, are you sure your not doing an appraisal, and their determining the value of the property.

If so, your big time, underpaid.

20 to drive all over creation is not worth it. I now get assigned jobs. I counter when possible.

I believe you have to have a realtors license to do interiors

Not for certain companies! Each company has their own requirements! Some companies will employ a notary to do interior inspections. The key is researching things that interest you! I hope this helps!

Is it a national bank?