Guardian ad litum

If you are notarizing an affidavit for a minor child with parents in attendance, does that child need a guardian ad litum?.

We are allowed to notarize for minors here in FL providing they fulfill all the requirements for an “adult” notarization - cognizant, know what they’re signing, able to take an oath or swear to the truth, and have current valid photo ID.

Why would you think there would be need for a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem?

The private investigator had asked me if one was needed, I didn’t think so but I thought I would ask.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably a state-specific issue and a legal question that none of us here are qualified to answer.

A private investigator is involved? Maybe this is a family matter and there’s already a GAL in place? Happens in some pending divorce situations - and if one IS already in place, then I’m going to guess (emphasis on the word “guess”) they probably should be involved in whatever is going on - they are responsible for the welfare of the minor child while a court proceeding is pending (and sometimes afterward) and watching out for the child.

Sounds like you’re involved in a very serious matter (not to your detriment, not trying to scare you off) - but now many questions come to mind

1 how old is the minor?
2. IS there a GAL in place already?
3. What are you notarizing and can this minor, by law, sign that document

Among other things. All state-specific questions - you’ll need to ask more questions of this investigator, check with your SOS and let the investigator do the checking into whether the GAL needs to be there (or needs to be appointed). That’s above your pay grade.

Good Luck. Come back and let us know how this all works out.

I am going to ask more questions to the investigator, I do know that there is no GAL involved now. Maybe I should pass on this one. Thank you for the response.