Guidance Alert: New Journal Guidance for California Notaries

It has been asked, argued, and debated for years, must California Notaries create a separate journal line entry for each signature notarized on every document, or may they include multiple documents in one journal line entry for the same signer? At last, we have a definitive answer.

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Perhaps a link posted here to the original official source rather than to your own organization’s blog, attracting hits.


I did post the link to the source, which is 100% free with no paywall. So, I don’t understand your comment about attracting hits.

It’s a link to your organization’s site - not the CA SOS site or bulletin…

And so again, what’s the problem? The SoS sent guidance out to us after we sent an official inquiry to leadership. I can’t share the raw email due to their privacy policy. I’m sorry that’s a problem for you. And with you being in FL, I’m curious why you’re making this an issue. Do you have a personal problem with the CLIN or myself?

Have you guys checked this one out? Here is the link:

easyjournal dot net