Has anybody used Notaryportal.com?

I keep getting emails from Notaryportal.com. I went to their website and there’s a $40 sign up fee. They say it’s collateral to make sure they have committed notaries on their portal. I wanted to see if anyone here has signed up and if they actually get work from this company. I don’t mind spending $40, but only if assignments are sent often. I couldn’t find anyone else asking about or mentioning this company here. Thanks!

I just look at the website, it sound and look good. I just don’t like paying to play.


Thanks for the heads up about Notary Portal being a fraudulent and scamming operation - as I was beginning to suspect. I signed up with them about 5 weeks ago and was wondering about if I’d been scammed. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and called their Customer Service number - which no one answered (of course) and left a complete message for them to return my phone call. I also sent an email message from their “Contact Us” page on their website outlining my request for refund, my reporting them to my credit card company as a fraudulent scam charge, and my intent to provide my review of them here on Notary Cafe’ for other notaries to be aware of their business as a scam.


Hi Joan, Just wondering how you found out they are a scam and fraudulent? I was also searching on the Forum for information about this company, since I have been getting emails about signing up with them. When I saw the $40 fee to sign up, I thought I better find out if they are legit. Sounds like you know they aren’t legit, did someone alert you to that?

Hi Ellen:

I read in here a warning about them to begin with - it was one of the “chats”. When I saw that I immediately contacted my credit card company and they reimbursed me the $40 fee. But before I did that I attempted to get a response from Notary Portal by sending them an email on their “Contact” tab on their website to no avail - no response. I also looked them up on the Nevada State Better Business Bureau but they’re not listed. I will still try to check into their corporate status with the Nevada State Corporation Commission, but I don’t expect that they’ll have a listing. As far as knowing where to begin that comes from information listed on our credit card statements - if you go into your monthly credit card statement and click on the charge it gives you some preliminary information that each company sets up to do credit card business - that’s how I know that they have some connection in the state of Nevada. Sometimes the credit card company has a phone number in their records for the company, but this time they did not. Anyhow, because they have not in the past week tried to contact me back that tells me that they are not a legit company to do with. Hire Notary was another bad one that I had a reimbursement from my credit card company. I’m sure there are many many others. I’m still navigating which companies are honest ones. If anyone has any info on the following companies I’d like to hear about it: Signature Closers, Maverick Signings, SigningOrder.com, and Notary Rotary. I hear SnapDocs is good, and of course, I have a listing on SigningAgent.com thru my NNA registration, and I’m also here on Notary Cafe’. It’s a jungle out there!

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Thanks for the information everyone. I just received an email from them as well. The “look” legal but you have to do your due diligence to make sure.

I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I’ve been trying to get my feet wet for months. Nothing yet.

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I signed up with Snapdocs immediately after I was ready to start doing signings. I also signed up with SigningOrder.com and Signature Closers. All of these three combined keep me pretty busy. I get a lot of requests each day and I average about 8-10 signings per week. I was looking to see if there were other signing services besides these three to increase more offers. Most of these signings that are sent seem to always be available when I’m already in another signing or they are farther than I would like to travel, so more variety = more options/opportunities. I’ve never heard of Maverick Signings. Notary Rotary is a registry, offers notary items for sale, and has a huge list of companies you can contact for signings, but most use Snapdocs or SigningOrder as a vendor and do not do their own direct signings. I am just trying to find additional Signing companies and join. I just hate paying fees to get work.


Thank you for your wonderful response. I really appreciate the information on which companies are good ones. We are all so spread out that if we help each other find good signing companies we can all benefit. I too have the same number of signings on average a week. I wish I could do more, but I live in Northern Virginia (the Washington DC metro area) and traffic is prohibitive of taking on more than 2 a day (3 tops if all the planets align that day), as the documents are rarely available much beforehand and I prefer to log in all docs into my journal before the appointment. (Yes, I keep a full log of everything signed - one line item per doc with an average of 11-13 docs in each package that require notarizing and logging per person - so on average I log in about 24 blocks of info into my log books). I go thru lots of log books. Average time logging in a set of docs is a good hour each just doing that. But the borrower/signers love it because I am familiar with their package. We have a robust market here and everyone seems to be the kind that wants to either know what they are signing or will read the docs and signings take on the average 1.5 hours each for a couple, or a little over an hour for one person. Nothing is short and sweet, but I like the work because the interaction with meeting people keeps the work fresh and I love leaving a signing where the people feel that they have a good understanding of what they’ve just signed and feel they’ve been served well. I studied the descriptive presentation suggestions in our training book long and hard and keep to the NNA suggested dialog. I get many compliments on knowing what I’m doing and my final checking procedure before ending the appointment. I know I gave a lot of detail here, but I am hoping to hear that other NSA’s are also doing things in a like manner and putting more emphasis on quality versus quantity. Though, I’d sure like to book more work per week if I could find it. Problem is, companies lowball the fees they pay and I have a minimum fee I will not go below to accept work. Now with COVID-19 there seems to be a lot of new people getting into this line of work - and I’m hearing lots of complaints from title companies about the surge of poorly completed doc sets (as if we couldn’t tell that was happening because of all the increased negative instructions that come inside of the sets of docs these days). So, we’re also navigating thru sharing work with less experienced persons who are only doing this for the short term. Brings me back to my appreciation for sharing what good companies are out there to pursue work with! Much sincere appreciation!


Hi. It took about 2 weeks before I started getting signings from signing order. Now I get several a day from them. I’d say be patient.

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I get consistent orders from notary dash and snap docs and it took 2 weeks for signing order to start sending signings. I did pay for signing order. But notary dash and snap docs will keep you busy with small orders. Good luck

My feeling is that the best companies don’t need to contact you to get you to sign up. For me, that’s flag number 1, then when they charge a fee it’s a nope. Snap makes a cut from every signing company that seeks through it, that’s why they don’t charge notaries. You don’t make the employee pay to work. We may run our own businesses but in the chain but we are still essentially the employees.

Hi. I’m on signing order it’s the same as signing closer they have sent me on 3 signings since I signed up with them. Have another signing tomorrow through them. Snap docs keeps me pretty busy and N3Notary sends me I-9 constantly. Hope this helps someone.