Has anyone done any recent signings for Loan-Closers?

I completed a signing for Loan-Closers today. I did not have time to check reviews prior to the signing but did check after signing. The reviews that I found are old and are negative reviews - has anyone done any recent signings with them? What was your experience? Just curious.

I did two signings for them in May. Fees were fair and they paid in less than 30 days via E-Check. It was a very positive experience.

Thank you for responding, tsimonsen_notary! It is appreciated. I am looking forward to doing more work for them. Thanks, again!

I work for them regularly and they are great. Pay regularly, only issue, you have to invoice them once a month for all jobs you did that month. Hassle doing that as we get busy.

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I have done 10 signings for them. All but 2 were paid between 1 week and 1 month. One was paid at 45 days; one was paid at 90+ days. The end of month invoicing is not something I like.

I’ve worked for them, they pay after you invoice them around the 15th of the month. In Colorado they pay a lot lower than other companies I work for so I haven’t worked for them in a while.

I did 2 signings for them as well in May and was paid for both at the same time under 30 days by echeck. They were very nice to work with too.

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I have done many signing for them, once I submit my invoice, I get paid within 2 weeks

Thank you all for the responses! It is appreciated. I am glad to hear that everyone has gotten paid. I have a couple of signing companies that I have been trying to receive payment - one being Satellite Signing and they won’t even respond to me. Any ideas to “encourage” payment?

Thank you, again!

I have done many signings with them they are fair priced and negotiates with you if need be. They are one of the higher paid companies I have so far and they do pay the 2nd week of every month never missed a payment. Once I invoice I get paid within that same week, which is due to me invoicing in that second week.of the month. They are helpful and kind and most of my signing are less than 5 miles from my address, and no scan backs always a plus. Once you get a great re pore with them they will be calling you for steady works.

I just did my first one with them yesterday. It’s too soon to get paid but their platform is easy to navigate and I had no problem getting docs/updating the file. The people are very nice when I had to call with questions. So far I like them.

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I have done 3 signings and currently scheduled for another tomorrow. They have been nothing but kind so far, you can negotiate based on you fees only thing is if over $100 they have to get manager approval which could decrease you chances of getting the signing but if you don’t profit it doesn’t make sense to take a signing due to the fear of not getting it. It’s very easy to keep up with the invoice, all I do is add new signings soon as I’m assigned to them and save draft. I will submit the invoice 1st of October and be expecting an e-check within 2 weeks as the other notaries stated above. Blessings to all! Live, love, laugh and learn.

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Thank you all for responding. It is helpful to see positive experiences and results.

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Loan-closers have a great team. They call me daily and I have worked with them for years. They adjust me fee to what is the going rate and their staff is stellar.


I would be VERY careful.I am STILL trying to get a $200 payment from 9/22/20!!! I have to resort to legal means at this point.
I resubmitted invoices, called, gotten new emails to use blah blah blah. No payment. My invoices HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN OPENED BY THEM! My systems notifies me when they invoice has been acknowledged, They do not even open the darn things.wth???

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Did you go into their web portal and bill them? You just log in click on billing, click add new invoice, click add order, enter the order number for any outstanding orders and then click submit.

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Good information, but what do they Pay?

I’m responding months later but they pay very promptly with e-checks within the first 10 days of submitting invoice. I don’t get much work from them but they are reasonable and have great customer service. Just remember on the 1st of each month to submit the invoice on their portal not your own personal invoice.