Has anyone done business with Oaktree Legal Services?

I was contacted/hired directly by Nicole Green to do a Contingency Fee Agreement signing. I completed the assignment and six weeks later I still have not been paid. I’ve contacted them several times and they said that their clients bank account has been frozen due to an outside party trying to access. I feel that my payment is Oaktree’s responsibility not the signer. Am I wrong? Any suggestions on how to proceed in handling this is greatly appreciated.

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Write them a brief, to-the-point collection letter and at the bottom, show that copies were sent to the BBB, your state’s consumer protection bureau, your state’s bar association and Notary Cafe. You’ll get paid :grimacing:

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Holy cow going through the same thing right now. They told me they were have issues with their accounts (bank). I’ve tried numerous attempts to contact Nicole Green and staff with no luck so this morning I emailed the attorney who is associated with the firm and got a response right away. In the email I basically threatened with filing a complaint with the state bar if I did not receive payment in 2 weeks. She asked for me phone number so still waiting to see what happens.

“Contingency Fee Agreement”

Means…if the client doesn’t get paid the service doesn’t get paid - payment is contingent on an acceptable settlement. So maybe your fee is contingent on that too…

Good luck with that.

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In case you missed it…see this thread

Send them another invoice with late fee added. Do that every month. You are correct. Their client’s bank account status is totally irrelevant. They hired you. You did the job. They owe you your fee. Call, email, send letters. Do not give up. If all else fails you can take them to small claims court and win.

I was also contacted by Nicole for a signing Jan 6th and still haven’t been paid either. I tired calling her about it and she never returned my calls. Another guy had reached out to me the evening of the signing so I also reached out to him. He gave me a number to a lady named Renee and after speaking with her it was supposed to be handled…longer story short, they gave me the run around and I still haven’t received a payment.

Unfortunately they just don’t pay.

I’ve been a notary for a little over a year now, and I’ve learned that, apart from the actual crooked Signing Services out there (Hire Notary, US Notary among them), if you’re patient and you persevere, you will eventually get paid by the legitimate companies. I’ve collected from even the ones I’ve disparaged on this forum in the past. Here’s all I did; I wrote the following email:

“Hi there. I hope you can help me out. I may have missed recording your payment on a signing I did for you. Borrower is [insert the name], done 11.8.21, order #12345 for $120. Please advise on the status of this one for me with my sincere thanks for your trouble.”

Lo and behold, I got my checks :wink:


Were you able to make any progress on getting paid from them?

thier website is down as of sometime this week

I did a job for them on 12/11/2021 and I just received payment Saturday March 19, 2022 after several attempts via email with attached invoices each time adding a $5 late fee. I also started with a collection letter ccing California Bar Association, BBB and Notary Cafe. I filed a claim with the CA Bar Association and finally received the payment. Being persistent paid off. They sent me a $100 for and original $75 job.

Anyone else receive a text from Oaktree Legal today asking for PayPal info to send payment?

do you still have the phone number for Oaktree Legal? I have their address (or what used to be their address) but not their phone number. They burned one of my local customers

Hello. Are you able to provide me with their contact info? I do have their Mailing address or what it used to be but I have a customer who got burned by them and am trying to help her locate any info

Okay @susana, you (and others probably) are not going to like this…but here goes

This is overstepping your authority as a notary public. It is not up to you to defend people against unscrupulous companies and bad decisions (unless, of course, you’re an attorney)/ You make take the step to warn them but anything beyond that it is out of your control and not your concern.

If these people signed, your job is done. And so is your responsibility and exposure to any legal ramifications.


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Ok Linda you’re not goin alike this but here it goes. you’re assuming! you know what that does right?
1st off I’ve been a California Notary since 2008 so I know my role. 2nd I was hired on 7/15/2020 for a Surplus Fund Power of Attorney and Agreement paperwork through another company called Legacy Law Group, she did NOT sign anything but I did leave her a copy of the paperwork and my business card for reference. Legacy Law Group paid me a trip & print fee. fast-forward to yesterday 11/16/2023 I get a call from a Broker in my area he said that Oaktree Legal Services scammed her for over 50k and since the client had my business card, he “assumed” I was the notary for that transaction , which was incorrect the lady just had my business card so she too assumed I was the notary who notarized her paperwork which is incorrect. Too much ASSuming going on here. However, I’ve dealt with Oaktree Legal Services in the past so I took the extra step to provide this “broker” with the info. that way this is all out of my hands. So yeal Linda this is why Im involved. it called CYA

@susana I am not “assuming’ anything - you said " I do have their Mailing address or what it used to be but I have a customer who got burned by them and am trying to help her locate any info”

If she didn’t sign and you didn’t notarize and yet were paid a trip and print fee, your job is done short of telling the broker this much, setting him straight and then, IMO you’re done with it. You should not be getting involved any more in helping them get any information…stay out of it and stay in your own lane. They are quite capable of getting any required info themselves.

I apologize if you feel insulted - I never questioned your abilities -

I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t think you’re seeing my point. The non-signer, provided my business card to this person who is “helping” her figure out who scammed her , I didn’t notarize anything yes I agree, my job was done true but as notaries isn’t it our job to deter fraud? This is why I think like this. plus I’m only covering my bases and did my investigation so that way its out of my hands.

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