Has anyone done business with Signing Stream?

I did a closing for them on 9/22/16 and I finally got paid this week. They shorted my check $10.00 because they said I didn’t scan back the docs. I went to my sent file and there it was, my email to them with the full scan backs. I called twice and twice I was told to email their account department. Both my emails included the sent email with my scan backs showing the date and time it was originally sent on 9/23/16 @7:38AM. They don’t call they don’t call you back or respond to emails. A few minutes ago they called to see if I was available for a closing tonight. They have time to pick up the phone to get business but not respond to emails. I told them never again will I do another closing for them.

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I am trying to start the Signing Agent Alliance Network. It will allow us notaries to rate signing companies based on customer service, rates, payment terms, etc. It would require both a web-based app and mobile app where notaries could input a company name quickly and get a rating. This alliance would also go after the companies that do not pay by way of a group legal action so we don’t feel intimidate by fear of not receiving future business. It would need to be fee-based to allow for attorney representation. We have been unrepresented far too long and the title companies basically tell us we are SOL. I have had enough. I can’t believe there isn’t more control measures in place for these companies who continually scam hardworking professionals out of revenue we’ve earned. I would like this to be a national not for profit organization that stands by the signing agent. Anyone interested? I need help with it. info@pittmannotary.com with “SAAN interested” in the subject line


I did a closing for them a couple years ago, faxed back required documents and dropped package. Kept calling for my check and it was shorted 15.00 because I didn’t fax and documents were not shipped until a week later, I had UPS receipt but it didn’t do any good. I told them to take my name off their list of notaries because I would not do another signing for them. They called me several times more and I told them I would not do any more closings for them when they cheap the notaries.

I stopped working for Signing Stream in March of 2013 for exactly the same reason, they shorted me for extra work I performed for them.

Signing Stream is among the worse of the worse. Go to www.notaryrotary.com and check Signing Central for comments.

Here is what you do?
Pull up the name of lending officer / escrow / disbursement officer / title officer / scheduler.
Email them all and make a stink… that this company does not pay notaries and that they should stop giving them business.
Call and find out who the boss is and include the boss also. Email or Tell him /her also that this Signing agency is crooked.
** Shout out !! Shut them out !! Period**
Revenge of the Notaries. Unless you get vicious about protecting your earnings , be it $1 or $5 or $10 … these scams of scale and volume will continue across the country.

I got shorted for $10 ( not fax back) + $5 ( No online update of status ) twice… Not doing them again. They move of to the next gullible notary that comes along.

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** I just sent this email out **

I would like to unregister from signing stream.
I no longer wish to do business with your company.

You are unethical and unscrupulous.
First of all your rates are low.
They you deduct fees of $15 claiming non reporting of status and no fax backs.

For such low fees, you should just accept email or any form of communication as confirmation of signing completion. Fax backs should be paid at-least $20.

So for these reasons, myself and other notaries around the country are boycotting you.