Has anyone done business with the Law Offices of Christopher Glen Beckon?

I did a settlement signing, one signature for $40 last October 12, 2018. I’ve spoke to Anthony Cook several times about payment and was always told, he would get it in the mail that week. I called yesterday the 16th of January. He was in a meeting. I left a message and sent an email. No response. I spoke to another notary yesterday that was complaining about non payment from them as well. It’s obvious that they do not intend to pay me.

Well, it’s kinda nice working with lawyers because you always have the big hammer of threatening to report a non-payment to his local Bar Association. Works every time!

Good to know. Thanks.

Same here. Did a notary at Beckom law firm at their request November 17, 2018 and to date January 17, 2018 no payment. Have had numerous emails stating that they would take care of payment but no dinero! From now on I will have any law firm that wants my services to pay up front. BEWARE of doing any business with BECKOM LAW FIRM.

File his first complaint: http://www.checkbca.org/report/law-offices-of-christopher-glenn-beckom-156272573 Just be CERTAIN you’ve got the right co/lawyer!

However, I strongly urge you to simply e-mail them and let them know you’ll be filing a no-payment complaint with their Bar Association.

Report them to bar council

Report him to the State now don’t wait

I did one for him. Was paid fairly quickly. But, the check was returned for insufficient funds. So, not only did I not get paid but I lost a $30 fee to my bank for the returned check.

I sent an email requesting payment for the returned check, plus the fee my back charged. I included my PayPal.me link and the funds were paid to me within aday