Has anyone else noticed the change in TIMIOS Pricing?

TIMIOS was one of my favorite companies to work with. The docs were always in early allowing time to review them, they paid well and were incredibly easy to work with. Then suddenly they became a Snapdocs company and send me requests for $65 to travel an hour away!

wow! I never received a low ball from Timios or a snapdocs request from them. Not good news to hear Andrea.

While never a heavy, I’ve worked with ‘em since 2009 at fees that ranged from $125 to $200. After the slide to SD this year, they are CHEAP. Tho’ what I’ve seen is mostly $85–regardless of travel distance. Have (rarely) gotten them to negotiate to $100 for very, very close. If it’s a distance, we just can’t agree. I’m pretty much done with them.


I did so much work for them when they paid $125 and up. Now I do NO work for them. They nickle and dime everyone.


I used to get 150.00 from them but it was Timios Title who would call me. Then all of a sudden, it was just Timios and all the offers came in at 90.00 as a text and email. The signings are usually on the other side of the mountain, which takes over an hour to get to. Nope, not happening. I haven’t done anything with them in a long time. Oh and their email says not to email back with a higher fee! I deleted SD so I don’t get anything through them.

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It’s strange that I still get offers from Timios and others through SD. Yes, Timios did pay much better than they are currently.
I just turned down an offer for a $90 signing (160 pages) 40 miles away on country back roads at 7:00 PM. I don’t want to be travelling on unlit narrow roads on my way home in the dark late in the evening for that fee.


Yes they were one of the better companies but things have changed since SD
I only take what is close and cost effective, sad I think they would have better closers if it would stay the same but that would be all the way around for title companies.

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I wrote a stinging email response back to them.
Telling them not to insult notaries and give such crappy rates. Eventually they raise their rates 100 and about in New Jersey.

Reject those absurd rates & and please do something about it. Write-back respond.
Don’t be scared that they won’t give you any more orders or Blacklist you.


I keep getting emails from them asking if I can complete a signing.
I reply to the email and never get a response.
I called and had to leave a message.
No call back.
Why send me an email if to just ignore me.


Have done assignments with them since 2016 with no problem until recently, and it may be the new owners (?) Sometimes they’ll negotiate the very low fee up if it’s far away, etc., but my main complaint was no support when signer(s) had issues at signing, you could NEVER get anyone on the phone; and as other people have posted, they so very often don’t get the docs to you until an hour or so before the closing, and you still have to print 180+ x’s 2, organize, make sure they notary sections are correct (often are not!!!) all for low ball $90, when I am reading they are paying others $125 to $175 ??? I had such a terrible experience with them recently, will not work for them again. They have zero loyalty to us Notaries who have worked hard for them for years!!!

Hello I just started with over a month ago. I have not yet received my payment. I have called left messages and emailed them. No response.

Can someone help me with some info on who to contact about payment?

Also they offer out of the way signings.

No one relay back. The fees are very low when everything else have gone-up ie: lumber 700%, grocery 57%, gas price 98% and overall the cost of living.

Their standard starting rate is $90, maybe less because signing company on snapdocs or is it directly them? I’ve done a couple signings for them. They require ton of legal size paper which is expensive :slight_smile:

Right, do make you print on legal, however, I don’t, I still print their “Timios section” about 30-40 pages on letter. Rest on legal. They DO up the fee if a long distance, have always been nice to me that way. Now I print all and bring home to scan and give owners a copy that way instead of leaving them with a blank copy. The borrowers are liking that better.

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